10 Benefits of PMP certification

Project Management Professional certification is a recognized requirement for project managers. PMP describes the education, experience, competency, and skill required to manage and direct the projects. PMP is the most sought-after certification offered by Project Management Institute, USA.
Getting PMP certified is value-added portions that provide numerous benefits. While the PMP exam process is lengthy and fees for writing such certification is quite high for an entry-level member. Obtaining such credentials would benefit one’s career. Climbing up the career steps is not an easy task, a lot of hard work and patience is required.

A PMP certification with pmp boot camp can help in boosting the salary drastically and benefit an individual career. It helps in developing management skills and makes a better option in  managing projects. Below are some of the benefits of a PMP certification:

1. Excellent Job Opportunities
It has become a quickly growing need for project management. The need has been overwhelming the supply in last few years. It’s been a good news for the managers who have PMP certification.
Since the interest for project managers is high in an assortment of enterprises, it will be critical to give a focused edge over other competitive edges, and the best employees will remain for the those who have preparation, experience, and learning that accompanies PMP certification.

2. Earn More
In comparison with non-certified ones, PMP certified project managers earn more. Once PMP degree is cleared, there has been a right to command upon higher pay and even can demand an instant hike. Many surveys have a proven record that PMP project managers earn 20 percent more than the non-certified ones. PMP certified specialists receive a six-figure salary.

3. Universal Recognition
This certification is a qualification that is globally supported. In 2007, PMI got ISO/IEC 17024 authentication for the PMP certification. That standard gives PMP certification credibility in more than 85 nations that have received and embraced ISO institutionalization rehearses.
This implies the worldwide network perceives certification as being significant and showing a level of understanding and capability that non-certified managers don’t have. If the organization tries to have a solid worldwide nearness and impact, affirmation will be a significant one to consider.

4. Job Security
Job security has become more professional and fragile worry in maintaining their livelihood and positions during the economic recession occurred in 2008. For the job security, technology has a prominent role, so many people lose their jobs to AI.
Even though Project managers have great demand, according to PM’s Talent Gap Report and Job Growth across the globe there is a wide gap in the employment for certified project management workers and the availability to fill those vacancies. This trend went on for some days and with a drastic change, PMI collected data on project management demand.
But Certification provides confidence that holds value for employers who frequently observe the need for certified project managers.

5. Obtain Precious Experience
Among various situation that is not familiar with the work environment, an individual can accumulate experience to solve diverse and complex projects identified in the project. If there is a capacity to resolve a mistake within the given time, development skills can be increased with enhanced efficiency.

6. Helpful in every Industry
Undertaking project managers aren’t restricted to any one industry. Organizations across a wide range of divisions look for capable, qualified experts to ensure their tasks are executed with greatness.
Today like never before, business and organizations are hoping for project managers to help convey the organization and ability to manage different projects. Leading factors are insurance, finance and construction, oil and gas, utilities, and publishing and information services.
Information increased through certification helps in expanding the incentive to organizations who require management. While it is valid that he/she have to take some concern on a specific organization while overseeing them, the majority of the standards while procuring the accreditation will apply in all cases, and they get ready to manage projects for anybody, anyplace.

7. Expected growth
The PMP certification course is a universally accredited and is approved by the international business community. High intelligent minds look for the certified project managers and in turn, gaining this certification would definitely help in getting a better job.
In the modern corporate world, everyone understands the advantage of networking. When he/she become PMP certified, they should be in touch with people attempting PMP certification programs and with those individuals who are already PMP certified. It is difficult to expect a help in obtaining good job with a good salary. So try to connect with more people who are in touch with the PMP subject, that helps in career development.

8. Helps to Estimate Potential Team Members and Employees
There have been many teams, however, there is no reason that a cohesive group works together. With the complete PMP certification program, it is easy to discover valuable and expert skills that help to evaluate whether or not the possible team member privileges to work with everyone.

9. Increase Marketability
A PMP certification can push reach to worldwide organizations working in various parts of the world. It upgrades proficient attractiveness, as it were, and legitimizes the experience as a project manager. It is easy to be in contact with people seeking to take up the course and PMP guaranteed experts already mentioned, through project management discussion boards and forums with their tips and learning.

10. Append Value to the Company
Those managers who are certified will add high value and benefit to the company. When a certified manager is hired, an individual can rest comfortably knowing that the project is managed by someone who really knows what he/she is doing.
This is useful to the company in a variety of ways:
1. An ensured project manager has broad information about risk management and will keep away from superfluous oversights that could prompt money-related issues.
2. Customers will have the capacity to assume that the manager is giving them the most ideal service.

Honestly, appearing  PMP certification won’t be the easiest task in an individual career -but it should be taken as a challenge in a stable way. It helps to gain knowledge, connections, and self-confidence.


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