10 Benefits of Document Sharing for Businesses

Collaboration is key while working. But you and your colleagues need to be on the same page. Here are 10 benefits of document sharing for your business.

Every day, technological advances around the world are ensuring that businesses are performing faster and better than ever before.

If you don’t keep up your business will lag behind. According to one source, coming late to the tech party could even kill your business.

Find out how document sharing could be the first step on your path to success.

1. Document Sharing Saves Time

Say goodbye to time wasted while waiting for a meeting to discuss every amendment made to a document.

Document sharing tools allow role players to discuss changes as they happen. This removes the usual back and forth trying to find a corresponding time for them to meet.

Several employees at a time can view the document. They can discuss their thoughts via telecon, skype or other modern communication channels.

2. Reduce Costs

The cost of printing and reprinting copies of a document for review can add up. Ditto the cost of time wasted in meetings.

Remote work via cloud file collaboration cuts down on the other unconsidered overheads associated with a project too. Examples of these are office space, commuting costs, storage space, and network infrastructure.

Costs associated with archiving and retrieving documents from storage are also eliminated.

3. BYOD Benefits

Providing you have good security and insurance safeguards in place, a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policy has two things in its favor:

  • Saving on the costs of purchasing equipment for each employee
  • Increased efficiency since employees are familiar with their own devices

Companies who embrace BYOD principles find that it promotes a more relaxed and productive environment in the workplace.

4. Permissions Handling

With the correct edit permissions in place, key staff members can control who has access to changing the information on shared documents.

This decreases the risk of allowing more people to view the document and comment on it. Accidental amendments by these individuals is a thing of the past.

Shared documents show which users are viewing a file at any given moment. They also record who made which changes.

5. Enhanced Communication and Team Building

Inspiration does not keep office hours. With cloud document sharing, teams can collaborate on projects around the clock.

They are able to work on solutions together without having to wait for the next day. This can help to build a sense of achievement and camaraderie. Especially when team members are putting in extra effort after-hours to solve a complex problem.

In this way, an effective means of collaboration is one of the must-have tools for every modern office.

6. Flexible Access Equals Better Use of Time

With shared files, feedback is fast and effective. Interested parties can make annotations and amendments without transferring documents from 1 silo to another.

There is no time wasted while waiting for an employee to arrive at work so that they can comment either. They can view and work on the document from anywhere – while stuck in traffic on the bus or during their subway commute.

For urgent projects, key staff members can access their documents from anywhere in the world, in any time zone.

7. Your Files Are Protected

According to Forbes, shared storage is one of the best ways to protect your documents. Cloud-based sharing systems have stringent security measures in place.

When you save your files off-site, the risk of losing them to natural disasters, electricity outages and fire is greatly reduced. These off-site storage facilities have extensive back-up and disaster management plans to protect your information.

Even internet outages are of little concern. Team members can continue working from any venue where the signal is up and running. This can do a lot to reduce frustration and prevent missed deadlines.

8. Workers Have Better Control

Company document sharing reduces the need for sending documents backward and forward via email.

Emailing documents back and forth wastes server space. It can also lead to chaos if all the changes are not saved in the same document.

File sharing curbs the incidence of saving and re-saving files and folders with endless version numbers and confusing file names. Version control is automatic, compliant, and efficient.

In this way, document sharing tools give employees better control over their filing systems.

9. Ease of Sharing

Shared files and folders are always just one-click away. The hassle of sifting through different versions, incorrectly named or misfiled documents is a thing of the past with cloud document sharing.

Flow charts, presentations, video files, graphics, spreadsheets, PDF files, and audio files can be stored in one folder for all to view. There is no concern about overloading and slowing down your server or individual PCs with these large files.

There is no limit to the amount of data that can be shared at once. All the admin associated with hiring a messenger or courier service to deliver important documents is a thing of the past.

10. Increased Productivity

From the above, it’s clear that communication by means of shared documents will improve your teams’ performance and help streamline your operations.

Not only does cloud document sharing enable teams to work faster and more effectively, they do a lot to enhance job satisfaction.

The positive mental effects of working faster, collaborating, and easily meeting targets go a long way towards ensuring your workforce is happier and more productive.

Getting Set Up for Cloud-Based Document Sharing

To reap all the benefits of sharing documents at a lightning-fast speed you may need to make a few adjustments to your existing tech infrastructure.

These include installing fiber-optic network cabling systems or upgrading your existing cabling set up. Getting a local company like O.B. One Communications, if you live in South Carolina, can help to streamline this process.

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