Why You Need Local SEO Services

Local SEO services are essential for success and arguably in the current trading conditions with Covid-19 and Brexit dominating business practices, the need to alert local clients to your existence and positive product or service provision has never been greater. 

Securing professional local SEO services replaces the risk element with a strategic and sustained geographic campaign that works hard for your business with tangible benefits. 

More consumers that at any time are online searching for solutions to their problems, from groceries to safety measures to point of sale that shows enterprises are open for business. Whatever you specialise in there is still a demand for it throughout the pandemic so make sure that your brand and services are at the top of page 1 when consumers access a search engine. They often choose a local provider simply because they are local. Convenient, an easier option. Placing an order for a product being shipped from three hundred miles away suggests a delay, when will it arrive? Two or three days time, before 9am or after midday? A local company has the benefit of swift shipping or click and collect which has become a much more utilised tool since the start of the pandemic. 

Searches containing phrases like near me, close to me London have gone up by hundreds of percent over the recent months but locality has always been a factor in local SEO services. Approximately 46% of consumer searches convert with a local company shown on the results page, almost ¾ of these are same day transactions. 


Local SEO techniques mirror broader geographic SEO campaigns

SEO experts use keywords, content, titles, meta descriptions, link building and user experience (UX) as tools to drive traffic and conversions to your business. Quality, relevance and trust are built over time and each tool is powerful in its own right so using a combined strategy SEO sets you ahead of competitors, in the local area and further afield. 

There is a preferred length of title that allows Google’s Search Engine Results Page to match you to a search term. It should be long enough to attract Google but not so long that it is cut off. 

Meta descriptions appear with the site title and address. These inform the searcher about what is on the page. They should have their potential maximised. Every page, every search. 

Headings can play a vital role in how visible your website is on search engines. H1 tags and headings when used effectively create traffic but they can be overused or undervalued by DIY SEO-ers.

Content on each page must be relevant with website text, blogs and articles preferably between 600-800 words, plus variety is key to SEO success; just as everyone speaks differently, consumers use a range of terms to find their solutions. For example, London SEO agency, SEO agency London, SEO agency in London, London SEO services, SEO services provider in Greater London, SEO London central, SEO in London, London SEO company….you’ve got the idea! When a website contains a high keyword density for a restricted field of search terms it won’t get the visibility because keywords don’t match efficiently.  

The vital fact to remember with all SEO services is that overnight success is not guaranteed. Long term campaigns produce sustained results; conversions and therefore profits in a gradual and growing way and not as a nine day wonder. There is no quick fix lasting SEO solution so if you were hoping that by this time next month your local SEO services provider would have you on course for citywide domination, relegating the biggest names in the market to page 4 of search engine results, this is a false expectation and if anyone promises you that, they are misleading you. 

Even if your website has only been online for a short time, it could have factors that let you down. That costs you revenue. You may not be keen to invest in local SEO services but do you think that across London and beyond your rivals aren’t maximising their opportunities by employing the best SEO practices, taking professional advice and expertise from proven solution providers? You have to join the party or face oblivion in your target markets. If people don’t know that you’re there, they aren’t going to kindly search for you.

Fewer that 1% of consumers look past page 1 on a search results page so for the enterprises that don’t take effective local SEO measures, their future is less certain.  


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