Why UK Businesses are Adopting Hybrid Working Practices

More and more businesses in the UK are creating hybrid offices for their workforce. Maybe big companies, such as Microsoft, are sure that hybrid working is the next disruptive trend in business. If you’re unaware, hybrid working is a business model which combines office work with remote work. Hybrid workplaces give employees the flexibility to work however they like – whether it be splitting their time between the office and their home, spending all their work hours in the office, or at home.

But how does a business go about setting up a hybrid workplace? It can be a complicated process, and perhaps the easiest way to transform your business into a hybrid workplace enabled organisation would be to partner with a IT service provider. TechQuarters provides IT Services to businesses who want to adopt hybrid working.

A few of the benefits of Hybrid working for UK businesses are as follows:

  • Better Productivity – Giving employees the flexibility of hybrid working means they can choose to work in whatever way is most productive for them.
  • Access to Talent – If you business is setup for hybrid working, you are not bound by the locations of your employees. Therefore you can cast a wider net to find talent that is right for your business.
  • Work-life Opportunities – Your work-life balance is much easier to handle when you don’t have to consider commuting time and where to get lunch, etc. Plus, if you’re working remotely, you have more options as to where you wish to live.

When adopting a hybrid working model is making sure all your users have access to IT support – this is important to consider if you have employees that are based in other countries. For instance, if you’re a London-based company with employees that live in Asia or South Africa, you should look for a IT Support provider that offers remote IT support. Research has found that as much as 80% of common IT issues can be fixed remotely, which means your employees are more than likely to be covered with a remote IT helpdesk.

Perhaps the best way to ensure you are equipped with all the right technology and protocols for hybrid working is to partner with a managed IT service provider. There are many highly regarded providers across the UK. In London, you will find many highly regarded Managed IT Services providers, such as TechQuarters. They will be able to provision your company with technology to enable hybrid working, whilst offering IT support to all your users.

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