Why Guest Blogging is the Best Inbound Marketing Tool

 You must have heard a lot about inbound marketing, if, your business walks hand in hand with the latest marketing trends. And, if you are still using the old ways of outbound marketing strategies, then, please change your ways, before your business goes obsolete, due to the outdated marketing strategies.

Although there are lots of tools and techniques for inbound marketing, I dare to say, Guest Blogging is ‘the best’ tool. And, this is not a plain statement. I’ll give you the solid reasons behind this statement.

Helps build a brand name – The first aim of any marketing strategy is to build a brand name. When you have a brand name, you have in-flow of customers and when you have customers you earn profit from your business. When you do guest blogging on various sites, you and your company name are seen by the traffic coming to the sites. When your target audience stumbles over your name multiple of times they start recognizing you as a brand. Obviously, you’ll need to choose the sites very carefully. This is because; if the site does not have organic traffic or if the traffic is irrelevant for your business, you won’t get a benefit.

Creates Authority Backlinks – When you guest blog for any site you get backlinks for your own website through the By-line or maybe through hyperlinks scattered in the text. And, I don’t think anyone marketing their business online needs to be explained the benefits of getting authoritative backlinks. You can take help of an best SEO reseller to recognize the sites in your industry that can give you authoritative backlinks.

Makes You a Thought Leader – Guest blogging does not automatically make you sit in the position of a thought leader. Rather, it gives you the chance to be one. For being a thought leader of your industry you need to recognize the pain points of your target audience and give them the solution through your post. If you find the task of searching the relevant topic and write a quality article a daunting or time-taking task (that it actually is!), you can get benefited from services like guest blogging submitcore.

Gives You Social Citations – When you guest blog for an authority website, your post and name do not rest there only. The link is shared and re-shared on various social media channels. Some bloggers re-publish the post with the permission of the site owner. Wherever the link or post is shared your name gets cited. You must know that citation of name is one of the important things that affect search engine ranking.

Promotes Converting Leads – When you choose the right place for guest blogging you get a flow of leads that would certainly convert into a sale. This is because; the persons clicking those links are actually interested in the mentioned product or services. The leads coming from the guest post are seldom random-searchers, who lands on certain posts randomly while searching for something else.

You see, Guest blogging is not a simple tool but a whole package of inbound marketing! However, you must note that you need to do guest-blogging in the right way so that it can yield your desired results.

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