Why company workwear is still a big business priority

There’s a modern-day balancing act between recognising diversity and treating staff as individuals and enforcing a company workwear policy that everyone complies with.

Why do contemporary companies still find workwear clothing such a necessity, and need innovative UK suppliers?

The Pandemic priorities

At one time, the only workwear UK companies needed for infection control was in laboratories and cleanrooms for example. Now, most organisations need to give some thought to sourcing clothing that maintains COVID-safety standards.

This is not just face masks, aprons and other PPE. Designing and commissioning staff uniforms and protective wear can involve considering other aspects of being COVID safe. This includes, for example, the need for staff clothing to be washed frequently and to be resistant to harsh chemicals such as hand gel and sanitation sprays. As well as giving staff the appearance of being tidy and well-kept.

The whole team dressed in simple but smart workwear gives customers an important degree of reassurance. Finding workwear that is cost-effective but COVID appropriate is likely to be a continuing theme well into 2021.

Workwear protects people and reputations

Seeing staff in clean, smart workwear also shows that the employer is conscious of specific health and safety requirements surrounding the tasks their workforce perform.

This is not just work clothing for men and women who spend their days on construction sites or in workplaces with hazardous materials or dirty conditions either. For example, social care and health workers dressed in practical workwear makes a great deal of sense.

Fashionable items are not always the best options in lots of other working environments too! Having a team dressed similarly, with clothes designed to meet their role, can ensure delivery crews or even office staff are dressed comfortably and appropriately for their activities.

In these tough and rather bewildering times, giving your workforce a degree of uniformity and issuing practical workwear can make them feel that you care, and will show customers your reassuring attention to detail.

Promoting the company brand

A logo on workwear builds team spirit. It also makes staff instantly identifiable to other people. Both of which are an important reason why corporate clothing has been so popular for many years.

Having workwear that matches your corporate colours and which carries your company emblem – and possibly some wording too – underpins your brand identity. Having staff names on work clothing can also make it easier for them to engage with each other and customers.

Cheap vs quality work wear?

Whether you specify women and men’s workwear for protection, uniformity or brand promotion, the important thing is to find a supplier you can trust. This does not necessarily mean buying cheap workwear clothing from supply chains shrouded in mystery! This can leave you having to replace workwear far too often, which is a false economy. Or, the clothing can quickly look tatty and fail to meet your business objectives.

It’s always better to find quality workwear clothing at a fair price, that sends the right message, does its job and lasts.

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