Which is a better choice, a distance MBA or an online MBA?

Master of Business Administration (MBA) programmes is offered at several notable institutes across the globe. But obtaining a degree by attending classes in-person might not be the only way of acquiring an MBA degree. A distance or online learning MBA programme might be an option to help you balance your personal (or professional) and academic career. Read this article to figure out if a distance MBA or online MBA could work for you.

What is a distance MBA?

The learning method of a distance MBA typically occurs by the university sending study materials by post or e-mail. Materials of a distance MBA programme may include books based on school-specific curriculum and additional materials or resources depending on the programme and your locale, which may be required during occasional in-person classes.

A distance MBA is considered a self-study programme that allows you to learn independently and at your convenience. Although students need to be aware that they may have to pay postal charges for the materials sent after admission. On completion of a distance MBA, students can take their exam by mail, online (via the college’s website) or at a local test centre.

What is an online MBA?

Online MBA programmes provide students with a mix of contemporary and traditional classroom model. It can allow you to ask queries to your instructor, talk to classmates and viewing videos or listening to lectures, depending on the type of programme you have applied for. Earning a degree from an international academic institution comes with an additional advantage, as it confers the same degree to you like the students on campus.

Besides, giving you the opportunity to interact virtually with classmates and instructors from across the world, it also helps you familiarise yourself with technology. Developing professional computer and internet skills could benefit you later in establishing a management career. Furthermore, online MBA programmes may offer job placement services, as well as provide information relevant to your future career and professional ambitions.

Distance MBA versus online MBA

Although distance and online MBA programmes are both considered alternatives to the traditional in-person classroom model, there is a wide range of differences between the two modes of study. While a distance MBA programme consists of self-study correspondence material, an online MBA is conducted virtually, with students and instructors interacting through dedicated portals (management lesson materials, discussions boards and chat rooms).

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