What is the salary of an MBA Graduate in Canada?

The demand for graduates with MBA degrees have skyrocketed in the last few years and that demand keeps growing. Most employers nowadays intend to hire MBAs, offering them salary figures, employment growth projections and job satisfaction. If you are an MBA candidate studying in Canada, then read this article to learn about the lucrative opportunities that await you after you have completed your degree.

  • Chief Technology Officer − Chief technology officers manage the technology team and work towards establishing a company’s technical vision and overseeing all aspects of technological development. They may also be accountable for developing technical standards and ensure adherence to the standards.
    These professionals can earn up to C$129,038
  • Computer and Information Systems Manager − Computer and information systems managers plan and manage the computer-related activities of an organization. They may also be involved with the maintenance and security of networks, as well as the installation and upgrading of software and hardware.
    These professionals can earn up to C$100,006
  • Financial Manager − Financial managers oversee the financial activities and transactions of companies, cash management, the budget process and investment activities and create financial procedures. They engage in activities as varied as raising capital, handling mergers and acquisitions, and assessing global financial.
    These professionals can earn up to C$77,966
  • Health Services Manager − Health services managers oversee the work of doctors, technicians and clerical workers to make sure companies adhere to government reforms to healthcare delivery. They co-manage an entire healthcare facility and manage a specific department, in large facilities.
    These professionals can earn up to C$106,250
  • High-End Management Consultant − High-end management consultants assists businesses and government agencies in solving management problems, controlling costs, maximizing profits, increasing worker productivity and efficiency. They specialise in adjusting to new business regulations or establish an online business.
    These professionals can earn up to C$77,750
  • Information Technology (IT) Director − IT directors manage computing resources for organizations to ensure a company’s information technology is continuously available and secure. They are responsible for the proper execution of IT infrastructure for an enterprise.
    These professionals can earn up to C$115,653
  • Investment Banker − Investment bankers are proficient in providing strategic advice regarding mergers and acquisitions and other types of financial transactions. They work for private companies, non-profit organizations and government agencies to raise money in the capital markets (equity and debt).
    These professionals can earn up to C$76,507

Are you interested to land any of the above-mentioned job roles? Then getting an MBA degree in Canada can help you achieve that!



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