What Features Make the Shipping Suite Reliable?

In the time of the modern era, most businessmen rely on the use of the software for proper management of the business. The merchants who have to do trade on an international level or send their consignments on a national level now use the software to keep a check on product shipping. Therefore, for the convenience and ease, such software is added in the system in order to complete the shipping process with few chances of errors. Shipping suite is one of the reliable platforms that have many feasible features due to which merchants prefer to install it in their setup. Some of the features that make it convenient feasible and user-friendly are

Set The Rules According To Business Need

One of the benefits you will find in the software is that its et the rules and conditions according to the work need. The rules are set for the cost, shipping views, location, customer attributes, shipping prices, zones and much more. This is also including the shipping information as well as product attributes. Therefore, the user adds the whole data according to the fields so that can be easy to manage in the future. All the things and factors when added, then the app work accordingly till there is done any editing.

Set The Shipping Methods

Most companies use the shipping method according to the convenience and the cost. The shipping methods are designed according to the strategy of the company. Through this suite extension, you can set the type of shipping method, its price and restricting of default shipping method. Along with one can set the delivery time and display of error message when the shipping method is currently unavailable.

Shipping per product

For the sake of convenience, the shipping method is displayed for the customers so that he/she can easily choose the method that is convenient and choose to get the shipment through that method. The customer can choose the shipping method from the product grid or product edit page.

Label and address updates

Through the system, the manager can keep all the labels safe so that when the consignment is ready to ship, he simply has to pick up the label and print to paste on the box. In the similar way the addresses are saved automatically. When he has to ship the product in repeated address the software automatically brings the address back that the person can add and print to paste on the box ready to ship.

Keep all information

One of the best parts of using the shipping management software is the management of reports, KPIs, transaction logs, cost, revenues, and all such related things in order to have a proper history of each consignment. This helps the user to check the details any time. In this way, there are fewer chances of fraud.

The software uses the order confirmation and tracking methods like manual input, upload, FTP, API and XML for automation as well as for the file import. Either you have to ship, depot, or track your orders the software helps you a lot and make your business well organized.

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