Want to Sell Anything Online? Here are 5 Tips on How to Make It Happen

From glass cabinets to digital services, discover these universal tips on how to sell anything online. It’s a must-read for any business, big or small.

Consumers are now making more than 51 percent of their purchases online, compared to 48 percent in 2015. Have you ever considered selling online? If so, you will join the one in six online Americans that sell using the Internet.

From glass cabinets to digital services, discover these universal tips on how to sell anything online. It’s a must-read for any business, big or small.

1. Establish Need

Tell your customers why they need your product. You need to create an engaging story about your product or brand. People buy with emotions.

Speak to emotions and not logic for a sale. Ask your customers questions. Close with a cliffhanger – it keeps people wanting more.

Does your product help with comfort, function, fashion, or fun? You need to be able to answer why your customer needs your product in a very succinct way.

Create an engaging story with images, words, or both. This is your emotional hook to get your customer’s attention. Now answer what problem your product solves for the customer in a way they can relate.

Determine your selling platform. If you are selling glass display cabinets, where can you reach your customers? You may want to use your website and also possibly larger marketplaces like Amazon or eBay to help reach a bigger audience to fulfill their needs.

2. Make Your Product Irresistible

Make your language personal to show you understand. You want people to give up their hard-earned dollars for your product. You also need to know what price they are willing to pay.

Do your research to make sure your price is in line with the market. Then turn to making the sale about them and not your product.

Speak directly to your customers. Make sure you are writing in the “you-centric” by using “you” more than “I” or “we.” Ask customers questions they will say yes to, so your product becomes irresistible.

Give your customers a sense that they need this product and will lose something without it. People don’t want to feel like they will miss out if they don’t buy from you. Establish why the customer needs this product right now.

3. Create Urgency

Now that customers feel they need your product, you need to create a sense of urgency so they decide it’s time to purchase now and not have time to cool down their purchasing emotions. Try setting a limitation on time or quantity to create this urgency. For example, “only 5 left” or “sale ends on Sunday.”

You need to make the offer too good to be true. Make it an amazing deal by throwing in free shipping or an extra unit. Even though you are giving them more, you will end up making more money because of the higher volume sold.

You have to risk a little to gain. If you give customers an amazing deal, they will share with their friends, neighbors, and family. No one wants to miss out on a good deal!

4. Establish a Following

Now it’s time to create a following. Try building up your customer list by offering a giveaway. Use this giveaway to help you build an email list, Facebook page, Twitter, and more.

When people sign up for your giveaway, make sure you collect this information to help build your lists. Stay in front of your customers with frequent touchpoints to keep your brand on their mind.

Where do your customers follow you: social media sites or your web page? Try linking them together as much as you can. Create a blog to communicate with customers and link to your products.

You have to keep your content fresh to keep customers interested. What’s new with your business? Remember the old saying “out of sight, out of mind?”

Follow-up is also important. Ask customers to rate their products and service. Offer discounts to repeat customers to keep them coming back – this lets them know you care.

5. Build Your Image

You won’t have repeat customers if you don’t establish a strong brand. This is what keeps customers coming back for more. Think about this: the first thing you sell is yourself, not your product.

Social media is a powerful ally to the online entrepreneur. Create your niche and keep building your brand. You need to give the customers the “why” of buying your product and the marketing will drive this business.

Your image is one of the most important features of your brand. Your brand is what customers think of you. Most of your potential customers will form an opinion of you as soon as they open your site.

Try using amateur looking ads to show you are relatable. Also, ask customers to share their purchases online. Once they purchase, give them to option to share what they bought on one of their social media sites.

Be sure your voice is always consistent in all of your communications. Create a culture with your customers. Push your brand – the “why you do business.”

Social media is much cheaper than print advertising. Try to talk business up in any area that matches your values. Keep a steady social media engagement to create loyal customers.

Contact trendsetters and bloggers. Follow them and see what connections they have. You can send them products to get them to tweet or post reviews on your products, which their followers may find more authentic.

Most importantly, be passionate about your products. Customers will appreciate your passion and it will make your job much easier. Traffic will start to increase as loyal customers spread the word.

Final Thoughts to Sell Anything Online

Simple rules: Establish a need. Create a connection with your customer. Remember that it’s all about the customer – tell them how your product solves their problems.

You can also explore the digital world with videos. Customers will get a better sense of what you are about and what you are selling. You never want to seem desperate.

In order to sell anything online, establish your brand. Get your selling platform ready whether it’s your own website, social media, selling on a larger marketplace, or a combination. The sky is the limit to sell online, and there are so many tools for you out there for you to grow.

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