Using Technology To Boost Your Organization’s Online Presence

Technology is a wonderful thing, especially when you’re in business for yourself.  There are so many opportunities to utilize tech tools to build your organization’s reach, you simply have to enlighten yourself.

To do your best possible job at spreading the word about your business online, you’ll first have to know with what tools you are working.  Here is a quick look at some of the most effective digital tools to boost your organization’s online visibility.

Hit ‘em in their smartphone

Mobile access to the internet is more popular now than access from PCs and laptops.  Find a way to make contact with your target audience through their smartphones.  Mobile optimized digital media is always recommended.

You may also want to look into launching your own QR code marketing campaign.  Though QR campaigns are nothing new, they are still quite useful and effective in marketing your purpose.

Build a quality business website

Spend time building an excellent business website.  Your business website is a hub for, well, business.  So much of today’s business goes down online, you would be missing out on a hoard of opportunity by overlooking the refinery of your site build.

The design layout of this business website for PumpWorks grants you an excellent visual example of a well-crafted site.  Designing a clean cut layout works well for business, as users don’t want to spend time trying to figure out how to explore your site.

Invest in search engine optimization

Invest in search engine optimization.  SEO will teach you and your web builders (if you’re not the one doing the job) how to create digital content that makes waves online.

Once you truly understand how the major search engines of the internet sift through millions of results in seconds, you’ll be better equipped to give them what they seek.  Make your website one of the first results in the SERPs (search engine results pages), and get on top of your SEO game.

Work the social media circuits

Social media is one of the most powerful tools in your digital toolbox.  The massive flow of users in and out of the pages of social media each day is unlike any other internet location.  Getting your business content onboard the social media train is always a good thing.

Start by adding social media sharing icons to your content, especially on your business website.  Make it a rule to supply sharing buttons whenever you post digital content for your business.

Keep communication on top

Communication should always be at the top of your priority list.  Find new opportunities every day to touch bases with your target audience, so your business remains fresh in their minds.



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