Uses of Dedicated Servers to Medium Size and Large Businesses

Small, medium-sized, and large businesses are faced a broad range of options for hosting their web applications, mail servers, or websites. The most common hosting option is shared hosting where one server’s resources are shared by different sites.

However, a business looking for efficiency and full control requires a dedicated server (servidor dedicado) service provider. With dedicated servers, you can rent a server from the hosting service provider, and you will always have exclusive use of the server’s resources. The hosting company offers such clients the RAM, disk space, and CPU that they need. It’s the hosting company’s responsibility to build and maintain the server, and this eliminates the upfront cost of buying your own server.

Uses of dedicated servers

Probably you have invested a lot of money to get your business a dedicated server hosting, have an infrastructure for it, you got the expertise or hired the right individuals. Here are top seven ways to use your dedicated server.

Web server: Most dedicated servers are used to host websites. Is your site receiving huge traffic and its activities outgrowing shared hosting? Dedicated servers are an ideal alternative as they offer you all the resources to host and manage your website.

Database: A correctly configured dedicated hosting could double as a highly reliable data storage systems for your organization’s websites and applications. Besides, you can use it to analyze data or archive it.

Backup server: Human errors, natural disasters, and technical failure can be a threat to your business data security. Dedicated servers offer a more reliable data backup solution and avoid the risk of losing essential business data forever.

Application server: You can use your dedicated server for a large, specific application. Such applications are often business critical. Thus, you may need multiple dedicated servers to ensure load distribution and splitting for greater efficiency.

Email servers: An email server offers easy email management and full control over email reception, distribution, and delivery. It’s recommended to have your email at your domain to effectively manage storage and upload limit. Besides, a dedicated server allows you to send bulky files – no size limits.

VPN server: Do you need a secure connection over all public networks and channelize your traffic through secure connections? VPN servers are a perfect solution.

Chat room server: It’s easy to get a specific chat room set up for your organization. It makes it easier for your employees, other authorized individuals, chat box, and more to transfer and encrypt information.

Music Jukebox: A reliable web-based jukebox enables to organize and play your music files using any device. It also allows you to stream varying high-quality multimedia at different bandwidths.

Video streaming: Dedicated servers are created to handle large traffic and heavy files. That makes it a perfect hosting option for video streaming.

Dedicated servers are associated with better performance, security, flexibility and a unique IP address. Besides, these servers discourage sharing of hosting resources, and that means opting for such servers offers you all the tools you need to manage your web applications, mail servers, and websites.


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