Understanding the Value of DevOps – Here is how KnowledgeHut can Help You

As software development organisations are turning to Agile, knowledge of certain practices that allow seamless Agile adaptation is very important. One of these practices is DevOps. DevOps focuses on the relationship between IT operations and development and how that can be used to improve overall productivity and functioning. DevOps encourages operational support across teams. Cross-skilling and self-improvement are also important elements in the DevOps approach. Knowledge of DevOps can be a very valuable credential on your resume. The DevOps Foundation training by KnowledgeHut is a valuable learning experience that will set you on the right track. It is an ideal course for employees, managers, and suppliers. Product or project managers are recommended to sign up for this course.

About the Course

The DevOps Foundation course by KnowledgeHut is a 16-hour program designed to fit into busy schedules. One can take the classroom option or go for virtual sessions. The course begins with lessons on DevOps’ role in the IT industry. Fundamental principles like ‘the Three Ways’, chaos engineering, the theory of constraints, and others will be explored in detail. The course will include comprehensive modules on important DevOps practices like Kanban, ChatOps, and Continuous Delivery. Participants will also learn how DevOps fits into Agile, Lean and other IT project frameworks.

You will also learn about the distinctive culture and operating models which DevOps helps usher into an organisation. There will be sessions on automation and architecture toolchains like containers, kubernetes, and others. Participants will also learn the importance of metrics and reporting techniques when applying DevOps practices. DevOps Leadership is another crucial topic in the DevOps Foundation training.

Essentially, the foundation course provides the platform to become a DevOps expert and is a comprehensive preparation for the all-important DevOps Foundation exam.

What will I Gain from this KnowledgeHut Course?

The course will help you familiarise with the objectives of DevOps and the specific vocabulary required to progress with advanced concepts. You will be able to apply, in a real-life work scenario, basic DevOps practices that will augment your project’s workflow and communication (including improved feedback loops). You will be able to find greater use for automation in your workflow, and the course teaches participants to identify and analyse important performance indicators and success factors.

You will also receive a Learner Manual that was drafted by the DevOps Organization, and 16 PDUs and SEUs are awarded upon successful course completion. KnowledgeHut also provides support via phone, chat, and email.

Earn your Certification

After completing the course, you will be ready to give the DevOps certification exam. KnowledgeHut will facilitate the exam admission. The 60-minute long exam comprises of 40 multiple-choice questions, and the required pass percentage is 65%. The exam is either a written one for those who opted for the classroom training, or it will be online for virtual session participants.

The KnowledgeHut Experience

A worldwide brand, KnowledgeHut has helped thousands of professionals achieve new and relevant skill sets as they seek to forge ahead in their careers. Hallmarks include a cutting-edge and easy-to-access learning platform and well-designed, exclusive course material. Interactive classes and an immensely experienced global faculty provide the right platform to acquire new skills. If you are looking for a career-building credential, consider the DevOps Foundation course now.

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