Understanding The Evolution Of Web Development

If you were to be told in the early 90s that one day a major technical revolution known to us as the World Wide Web would take over the world. And it will emerge out to be the most promising industry in the world as a whole holding around 50 billion people as the consumers. Still possessing the potential to expand beyond these statistics and figures. Would you have believed it?

Absolutely no, right?

Anyone witnessing the 90s scenario wouldn’t have but look where we stand right now. Not a single day goes by without staring at our screens, Googling facts, or simply streaming entertainment through series or movies. We have grown with the internet, and have been dearly attached to it.

Several people have observed the advances of the Brights web development company. They are a witness to how they have struggled from the minimally developed web to the most classically developed web in snaps of time and turn of the century.

Web development was no sort of profession back in the 90s; the websites were simply a collection of linked pages that were more of a textual structure. But with the advancement of tools and techniques, this area took its highest abloom to what we call as the web development in recent times.

In this article, you will have a thorough knowledge of the timeline of the web development and what changes it underwent to be as amazing as it is right now.

1990: how it all started?

It was an era of non-graphics; the websites weren’t much actual beauty, but they were definitely a factual beauty, though. It was textual, and a bunch of links threaded together to structure a website, the primary structure of a website we can say.

1992: well, well, well, the year of evolving beyond primary textual websites

So as mentioned above that the first website came out in 1990, and it was all good, provided it was the first attempt in the realm of web development. Plus, it was something online, which at the time meant “a great deal” of things.

However, it was not long before a new upgrade came into the picture. And coincidentally, the latest update was a picture itself, as the image addition to websites, to make websites more engaging and attractive.

The very first image on an online site was posted in 1992 through a vast process of photoshop editing.

1993: the year when it all turned graphical

It was around the year 1993 that the world’s first graphical public web browser was introduced.

The web browser was called the Mosaic, and it is with the introduction of Mosaic that the web page designing took off.

1994: a year of major developments

1994 was the year when the web pages and web development areas got high sky uplifts. The two highly successful web browsers W3C and Netscape, were launched. They were the first milestone in the world of web development.

They engaged users with better user interfaces, graphics, and other features. More so, they set a benchmark in the developing web era.


The rest of the 90s made the most promising foundation for the advanced millennium web development. It was the era of HTML, Javascript, and CSS. This era ensured the augmented user interactions and practiced towards a user-friendly environment.

The millennium

The 2000s were the beginning of the flash games era, which led to widespread utilization of the web.

After that, 2003 witnessed the major blog revolutionary website, now popularly known as WordPress.

It was then the joining up the smaller bits of an image to form a big one, and the grid layouts were introduced. And ultimately, we reached a level of upgraded graphics and designs and perfectly attractive websites that we see right now.

So, as we see, it was a long road, starting from scratch and gradually evolving step by step, ultimately developing into the most advanced state, where one click could change everything.

And the fact that this very field still has a long journey to go is surprising and exciting at the same time. Being the witness to growth is what’s exciting, and observing how eased up our lives get with all stepped up advancements pleases everyone to another level making us all technologically dependent.

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