VPS Web Hosting Providers 2016

Top 10 VPS Web Hosting Providers

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Understanding VPS hosting

Though a website would be hosted on the same physical server the VPS will allow the website to be completely independent as if it owns a separate server. The machine is  divided into several smaller servers where other VPS cannot interact with each others processes and its file system is called Virtual private servers (VPS). VPS independently runs its own Operating system handles softwares like MySQL, Apache or PHP and a VPS can be rebooted without effecting any of the other divided servers. VPS is just like an apartment where people own individual flats in a same building, like wise each virtual server or also known as container functions individually where you can install any type of software without affecting other virtual servers on the same machine. Unlike with shared hosting where one website may cause issues in the server effecting other website with it to go down as in VPS only the problematic container will go down without effecting other containers.

Who uses VPS web hosting?

Being a bridge between the shared hosting and dedicated hosting services VPS gives you the flexibility and sovereignty of a dedicated hosting priced like a high end shared hosting services. VPS web hosting is useful to customers who have their website outgrown their shared hosting and cannot afford dedicated hosting and VPS plays an amazing role for hosting solutions for such kind, let us think for instance that the server is a whole bread and VPS as each slice. So, this hosting service is basically called virtual because it has no real server but shares resources from a larger server and a website on a VPS takes the advantage of the server’s resources without sharing any resources with other websites rather as in the shared hosting or the IP. At times in shared hosting there would be issues or interruptions in the server because there might be problems in a particular  website sharing the same server that will affect other websites shared on the same server for which in VPS this will not be the case. IN VPS hosting you will advantage for better security, greater performance, a lot more flexibility with less downtime and greater uptime.

Choosing VPS hosting

If your website is in need of a VPS hosting you need to consider finding best suitable VPS hosting providers because not all providers offer the same hosting solutions leave alone the factor in pricing. though we consider for cheaper solutions but also we need to look out for the years of experience in the industry who offer maybe more 99.9% uptime but less, 24/7 customer support, upscale clientele, Money back guarantee with good customer reviews. To migrate from a shared hosting to a VPS hosting you will need to check out companies which has low downtime and unwanted technical issues. But you need not worry of such types of problems as you can rely on TopWebHosting10 as we will lead you to the top 10 vps hosting services as we will allow you to compare the best leading hosting providers that can be trusted completely to handle your migrations and keep your vps managed so that you need not at all worry about any of technical problems. These leading hosting providers will take care of every technical processes like setting up of the server, upgrades with a nice friendly control panel to keep you website in managed VPS.

Advantages of VPS

Generally VPS is just like an dedicated server except or the fact that it is virtual as mentioned above and completely affordable, as, dedicated servers cost lot of money each month than VPS hosting which is much more cost effective with the same resources that matches a dedicated server and is a great advantage for small sized business websites with a limited budget. If suppose your website requires more guaranteed resources but have low budget to spend you can opt for VPS hosting that has more performance than shared hosting as VPS is powered with sufficient CPU resources and disk space besides with a complete root access and users could completely customize the VPS to boost performance hosting. TopWebHosting10 will allow you to compare all the hosting VPS services as we zero down to the best top ten vps hosting providers with complete real and genuine vps hosting reviews, we will carefully guide you to choosing the exact leading VPS web hosting service that will will totally benefit you.


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