Top 15 Writing Skills That Content Marketers Should Possess

Content marketers identify gaps in the company’s content and come up with ways to fill them. The whole process, from scratch to finish, involves a variety of tasks. One of these tasks is writing; it is the cornerstone of content marketing. As such, every good content marketer should also be a good writer.

Here are 15 writing skills that every content marketer needs according to writing experts at

  1. Good Grammar

Content marketing articles should be coherent and easy to read. A grammatically incorrect article will not only rank poorly on Google but also lower your credibility. Therefore, you should work on improving your grammar and vocabulary.

  1. Proofreading And Editing

Most content marketers prefer hiring writers to create content articles from scratch. However, writers make mistakes too. Thus, it is your duty to check every article and ensure that everything is flawless. That calls for excellent proofreading and editing skills.

  1. SEO

Content marketing is all about search engine optimization (SEO). You need to know which keywords to use, where to place them, and how many times. Unless you do this, your article will rank poorly on Google, and you won’t get much traffic.

  1. Brainstorming

Content marketing is a cut-throat industry. Successful content marketers are those that are always one step ahead of the trend. Therefore, you will need to furnish your clients with new content regularly. Also, you should be excellent at brainstorming and coming up with exciting ideas for new content articles.

  1. Organization

Coherence takes more than just grammar. Your ideas should also be well-organized. Your clients shouldn’t struggle reading your articles. Each piece should support a clear train of thought. However, that would require good organizational skills.

  1. Formatting

Formatting is another vital part of the writing process. You will need to learn how to use the different tools and features on your Word processor and website to come up with neat and unique documents.

  1. Presentation

Presentation matters a great deal in marketing. The first impression is the most important. You will need to please your clients in the first instance. As such, your articles should be presented at the highest level. The writing should be neat and complemented by the relevant images and videos. No one wants to read the plain text!

  1. Baiting

Internet users have thousands of options to choose from when shopping. They simply skim over their search engine results until they find a title that seems the best fit. Therefore, your titles have to be catchy and engaging. That is called baiting, and it demands that you use words creatively.

  1. Paraphrasing

There are millions of content marketers busy crafting articles at the moment. Someone has already written an article on the idea, running through your head right now. Plagiarism will get you penalized, so, you need to sound unique, and it is paraphrasing that helps writers avoid plagiarism.

  1. Summarizing

Short messages are the best for most content marketing pieces. You may find yourself in a situation whereby you need to summarize long information into several sentences or paragraphs. You will need good summarizing skills for this task.

  1. Language And Style

A blog post should not sound or read the same as a whitepaper. There are different styles of writing in content marketing. Some demand a formal tone, while others need a casual one. Good content marketers should identify and recognize the differences, being able to work with different writing styles and languages.

  1. Coding

Some web hosts require users to have a good grasp on HTML coding. Many web interfaces get word documents scrambled if HTML codes are not embedded. Considering that presentation is a big part of content marketing, it is essential for content marketers to have a solid understanding of coding.

  1. Graphics

Graphics are pushing the limits of visual aids in content marketing. Marketers can now develop sharp, picturesque, and seemingly impossible images and videos thanks to graphic design. It is a vast field, but content marketers should have at least a basic grasp on graphic design.

  1. Analytics

Analytics is another essential part of writing, which cannot be overlooked. Generally, it is exactly what guides your next content article. You need to know whether or not your current writing strategy works. That is why content marketers cannot afford to ignore analytics. Good analysis makes you a better writer and marketer.

  1. Speed

Speed is also the essential skill of a good content marketer. You need to keep up with the market; otherwise, you will lag behind. The articles should be written fast, or they will quickly lose their relevance. Corrections should also be made fast. The average content marketer should be capable of typing at least 60 words per minute.

Content marketers should master a variety of skills to excel in this increasingly competitive industry. Good writing skills are essential for communication with clients. Therefore, content marketers simply can’t afford to ignore their writing skills, even with the option of outsourcing to freelance writers.


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