Top 10 Mass Email Marketing Winning Tips for your business

Do you think email marketing is dead?

While every day a new technology is being introduced to the digital world. These modern technologies are helping businesses to accomplish their tasks faster in an effective way. Connecting people through video conference, artificial intelligence and chatbots, it looks like email doesn’t stand as a prime for business entrepreneurs.

If you think that email is dead!!! Then you need to think again!!!

When you don’t consider email marketing to generate ROI, you’re leaving money on the table. The truth? Email marketing is a powerful strategy to connect with business prospects and generate maximum conversions.


According to 2019 data, email marketing has ranked as one of the efficient marketing strategies, beating out search engine optimization, social media and affiliate marketing. Nowadays marketers are paying more attention towards sending mass emails to their customers and prospects.

From the past few decades, marketers are using various email marketing services to reach customers. Digital marketer either purchase an email list or use their own list to send a mass email.

Sending out a mass email has become more popular.


What is a mass email?

Mass email is a strategy of sending business emails to your subscribers simultaneously. It can target any specific group or demographic. Mass email acts like fishing, you can gain as many conversions as possible. The best thing about bulk email or mass emails – no personalization and segmenting list is required.

Following are the top 10 mass email marketing winning tips for your business:


Better targeting

Whether you’re running, food or travel business targeting the right audiences is important. Targeting plays an important role in any marketing strategy. Because poor targeting indicated that the promotional email you have been sending can be delivered to the wrong audience. As a result, your marketing plan gets vanished away within a second.

Do you want it to happen? Of course no right!!!

Targeting the right audience is the top priority for mass email marketing. The mailing list of your audience can be extracted from mail houses or purchase through brokers. Ultimately, sending a mass email is more reliable. Unlike email subscriber listing, mail houses offer genuine and updated information. Therefore it’s a great chance for a marketer to customize mail according to customer’s data. Mass email marketing is the most effective targeting tool for business.


Strategically schedule your email

When is the perfect day and time to send an email? Morning, Afternoon or Midnight!!!

Many marketers are looking for the answer to this question. You’re waiting has come to an end here. The perfect day to send an email is on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Send an email at 6 AM, 10 AM, 2 PM and 8 PM.

  • 6 AM: 50% of people read email in bed.
  • 10 AM: As per the analysis, 70% of people open mail in late-morning.
  • 2 PM: It works perfectly, sending your mass email later in the day as people are looking for a distraction from work mode.
  • 8 PM: 80% of people check their email before having dinner.

Think twice about your business before sending a mass email to your customers. If you’re running a discount sale on Sunday. Sending a discount coupon code out early Sunday morning can have a real impact.


Entice audience with the catchy subject line

It’s no secret, that a catchy subject line has more impact than a plain subject line. It delivers a great first impression. As per the market analysis, 47% of digital marketers states they had tested multiple subject lines to optimize their email efficiency. Therefore it’s vital to craft email subject lines that are more compelling to gain maximum click-through rates from customers.

Want your promotional email opened, viewed and clicked by audiences? Yes, then it all starts with the subject line.

  • Keep it short and concise
  • Avoid the sender name with ‘no-reply’
  • Personalize your tagline for high conversions
  • Be genuine and never make a false promise
  • Always use concise language
  • Start tagline with action-oriented words
  • Make them feel special

By the end of the day, you need your emails opened and clicked by customers. Your efforts can be wiped out when you create poor subject lines. Consequently, share great content in the mail and prove it with your subject line.


Email designs matters

Email is the king!!! Mass email marketing is an effective approach to communicate with customers. A well-designed and amazing email template can be determined as the key to running a successful email marketing campaign.

How can you compose an email? With a combination of a short subject line, attractive email copy and few call-to-action buttons. In order to structure everything in an organized manner, you require attractive template. By using an effective email template, you can add flavour to your email.

There are various templates options available online. Pick a template with respect to your business requirement.

  • Plain text, no need to include HTML or CSS code.
  • Use an HTML email template, when you have images, videos and colourful text.
  • If you want to create an interactive email, then include CSS animations.

Keep your template design simple for both technical and strategic reasons. It can take more time and effort to create complex design.

A person spends 50 seconds to read an email. When your promotional email needs people to jump through more hoops to understand your email, then the audience will probably not bother. Prefer your mass email templates and designs in a minimalist manner and watch your success rate reaching high.


Maintain simplicity

Designing an effective email is not just about creating content and including visuals and delivering it to your audience. While composing an email make sure to maintain simplicity. The process can include almost everything from choosing a quirky subject line to offering valuable content. Also, ensure that your email doesn’t seem like a spam email.

Keep it simple, don’t ever try to accomplish everything in a single bulk email. Planning is important in any marketing strategy to succeed. Have a strategic plan and streamline your process towards a single purpose. Then start composing an email and send it to your subscribers.

If you’re planning to include 10 different points in a single email. Then you’re going in the wrong way. You may probably end-up getting zero points across. Because no user will be interested to read 10 different points.


Include CTA buttons

How can you capture the reader’s attention? The answer is simple. The best way to capture every reader’s attention is by offering valuable content, impactful imagery and call-to-action buttons. CTA buttons are used to guide the audience about their next step. CTA buttons can subscribe or purchase. That’s it!!! If you’re running an e-commerce website, include new users, existing users coupon code and sale date. Share the product pictures and add CTA to drive conversions.

  • Grab your reader’s attention by using bold phrases
  • Break down key points into list or bullet points
  • Close with a short and clear CTA button – Buy Now, Download, Click Here…


Focus on Mobile users

Mobile phones are used by over 275 million people around the globe. Therefore, don’t forget about your mobile users. Maximum people read emails on their mobiles. Your emails should be opened, viewed and clicked within a single tap. Impress mobile users and generate maximum conversions and ROI.

Mobile users are very particular about their internet data. They can’t just spend 1MB of data to open your email. Create an email with less size and increase CTR. Additionally, when you include more visual content, your email can get be treated as SPAM. Readers don’t encourage spam message, they simply delete your emails within a single click.

Take every step with caution. Optimize visual content – images, audio, video, gif and infographics. There are compressing tools available online, upload your visuals and get compressed files.


Compose a short and sweet email

Keep your emails sweet and short. It allows for better communication with your business prospects.

Impose an email length limit: Have a limit structure for your email before you start writing. As per the analysis, emails between 85 to 100 words have great response rate.

Use editing tools: Done writing!!! Take some time to read the email by yourself. By using Hemingway and Grammarly check grammatical errors, passive voice, transition words and unnecessary phrases. Rewrite the necessary sentence to improve quality.

Tailor with small talks: Having a conversion at the start can be a great way to engage. If you want to develop a long-lasting relationship with readers, some thoughtful gossips can be advantageous.

Have a specific goal per email: While composing an email, don’t just rush by typing the words. Take a breath, focus on a single goal for every email. This way, your readers will open, read and respond instantly to your email.

Sign off with gratitude: As you reach the end of the email, include an expression of gratitude. It’s an amazing approach to keep everything sweet. Also, signing-off with “Thank you” can increase 38% of response rate.


Include promotional offers

Someone said, promoting an exclusive discount is easy. You just require product image, price and discount. While in reality, it’s not as simple as you think. Every promotional email should be an effective strategy to build a strong relationship with the audience.

The ultimate aim of a promotional email is to generate conversions. How can you drive maximum conversion? Providing exclusive coupons can be a great idea. Make your readers feel special by reading your email. Create urgency by offering exclusive discount codes for existing users. Also, attract them by early-bird access to the sale. This will surely impress your audience and make them to land on your website. 


Cost efficiency

You spent hours on personalizing an email and minutes on sending it to your customers. This can consume both time and cost. While considering mass email, you don’t need to spend days and hours on composing and sending an email. Mass emailing is a time saving and cost-effective approach.


Final Thoughts

Digital marketers create and sent an email that is beneficial to themselves rather than their customers. If you want to get connected with your customers for a longer time, then start composing the email i.e beneficial to your prospects. Mass email marketing is an effective approach to reach target audiences when compared to direct marketing strategies (television, radio, etc). People read email every day, but it’s the audience decide whether to accept or deny the offer. As a marketer, it’s your responsibility to stay connected with your audience and grow ROI.


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