Green Web Hosting Companies 2016

Top 10 Green Web Hosting Companies 2016

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What is green hosting?

Many of us have come across green web hosting companies who offer hosting in an eco friendly way. Now let us understand ‘What is green hosting?’ There are many significances which contribute to environment friendly hosting services and most of them involve in renewable source of energy such as hydro, wind and solar energy, planting trees, plants and grass surrounding the data centers, waste cleanup, recycling and minimizing the usage of materials like paper and plastic, energy conservations and saving energy from use of appliances. according to the world internet usage there is a rapid growth of 400% to 1000% worldwide internet users. The total electric bill to power all the servers and infrastructure that are related was about $7.2 billion dollars worldwide and by the year 2020 the estimated energy consumption from web hosting will pollute planet Earth than that of the airline industry, so, for such a demand of energy resources eco-friendly or green hosting services have emerged and are on high demand. Off late we would have come across hosting websites showing Green E certifications, this is because these organisations have adhered to stern and uncompromising environmental guidelines. Basically green web hosts needn’t certainly have access to green power such as solar, water or wind energy but rather purchase green certificates to offset the usage and cost of conventional energy by conducting meetings over the internet, energy efficiency in break rooms and usage of energy efficient lighting in the building. Utilizing green marketing that focuses for green consumers and catering to the concerns about the environment.

Why Green Energy?

Green hosting can be considered as the most enjoyable way of web hosting which is environmentally friendly in a much more economical way. This type of hosting services is best suited consideration to any given time of the day as it reduces carbon emission and other harmful gases and chemicals as global warming and environmental degradation poses a huge threat for life sustenance for our future. The web hosting companies or organisations gulp down more than necessary amounts of energy to power up their servers and data centers to sustain 365 days of uninterrupted online presence or business. The need of amenities like cooling systems and elevated security operations which demand a lot of electricity takes a toll on our environment around. As green hosting services comprises of green technologies and adapts to renewable sources of energy by carbon offsetting, that abrogates environmental hazards and global warming which impact on the environment is reduced. The major benefit  on going green over hosting services is you will attract a lot of customers who consider saving the environment of our planet. Green hosting also saves a lot of money making it as counterproductive as it maximizes on your profits along with saving the environment from degradation, this is possible because operating costs are much lower due to renewable energy that would be generating power from the sun or wind making it cheaper than from the national grid that is obviously very expensive.

Finding green hosting solutions

The green hosting services will help big companies by maximizing their gains ones they decide to go green. Analysis show that this is a proven factor that works all over the world. By deciding or opt for green hosting you will put your company in a responsible place to curb environmental degradation as you see your business push in benefits in the future and by doing so you will have a positive move in economizing over you energy uses.  Once you have decided to go green now you may be puzzled in finding the exact and appropriate web hosting providers offering green hosting, but that wouldn’t be much of a puzzle because TopWebHosting10 with a team of expert technocrats with high level researches and a haul of first hand experience will guide you to the top 10 green web hosting companies who are leaders in the industry and allowing you to have the best and accredited green hosting solutions for you and your business.

Making the right choice

There are a lot of hosting providers who are emerging more frequently while the eco-friendly movement is becoming demanding and widespread and green hosting service balances the users carbon footprint while they invest in carbon offsetting or by directly investing in renewable resources of energy Like in solar, hydro or wind energy. We at TopWebHosting10 evaluate a large number of green hosting companies and compile a list by closely examining the reliability, customer support, bandwidth, price and disk space and making sure that are selection for the best top 10 green website hosting companies are legit, while reassuring you for a complete renewable energy and carbon neutrality green hosting for you and your business. This will make you have complete responsibility towards our planet. You can choose from the top listings and through our green web hosting reviews as weassure with thebest green hosting providers.

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