Top ASP Web Hosting Providers 2016

Top 10 ASP Web Hosting Providers

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Understanding ASP Hosting

Website hosting companies supporting ASP or Active Server Page is known as ASP web hosting services. ASP also known as Active Server Pages or HTML pages are basically embedded ASP scripts and is processed on the server initially before sending it to the visitors browser. ASP is good for creating dynamic database driven pages while allowing visitors access data in the database and interacting with the page objects like Active-X and Java components. ASP website hosting are hosted on a windows servers as they are more stable and most of the ASP components work specifically to Windows platforms. Generally when you type an URL in the browsers address box the server will be sending the file to your computer. A standard HTML sends a file that you computer’s web browser receives  looks exactly the same as it did on the server, as for ASP the file sent to your computer from the server actually runs the HTML and then the ASP code which can be anything like the current date or time or other similar information. For ASP web hosting you will need to find a hosting provider who will will host your ASP website on a Windows server because it is safer while hosting on windows as they are much more stable as ASP components are compatible to work specifically to windows.

Advantages of ASP web hosting

ASP was invented by Microsoft, this being the reason why ASP website hosting works best with windows server especially with a latest version of windows operating system. There are multiple and remarkable benefits which ASP provides as such the amount of coding demands are reduced for building larger applications while ensuring high security level, authentication and per application configuration, monitoring the components, applications, and pages that are running on it while destroying any leaks or loops and destroys various dangerous activities and self restarts and since everything is monitored and managed newer processes can be created if a process is dead. For better superior performances ASP offers just in time completion due to early bonding, cashing services and Native optimization. The ASP benefits users for powerful features like drag and drop server controls, automated deployment and features like ‘what you see is what you get’ editing, and make it easy to perform simple common tasks such as client authentication simple form submissions and site configurations. ASP gives great flexibility to web pages by integrating the HTML and source codes as these pages can be easily maintained and written while the source is being executed on the server. ASP work fine with also ADO.NET by utilizing page formatting features and data bonding because ADO.Net is an application which counters large volumes of users and runs faster without any perfomance issues. One of the unique benefits of hosting with ASP is that ASP scripts appears completely identical on all web servers because when a browser request pages from the server that contains .asp extension, the company server which hosts ASP would know to read any ASP coding before it initiates any html coding, so, finally when it reaches the visitors browser it would appear as an html code, this being said it accomplishes the goal of the web designer in making an website appearance without falling apart of the design on various browsers.

Finding an ASP web host

There are many companies offering web hosting services for ASP solutions, but we need to choose the best ASP hosting provider who are reliable safe and secured especially a highly experienced web host who offers ASP web hosting on a Windows server for better stability mostly if your website uses a database such as Access or SQL. Though designing and maintaining your website on a windows that uses a windows Operating system ASP works extremely great with respect to its inherent nature. But there are many companies of recent who support ASP without the need for an Windows server but to host an ASP you definitely need a proper Active Server Page support. So microsoft has put out two web server applications that give that support they are IIS(Internet Information Services) and PWS (Personal Web Server). So, to make sure your ASP website matches all its requirements of the hosting provider, our team of highly skilled experts at TopWebHosting10 will lead you to the best 0 listing host providers with the best reviews and extensive research that will allow you to choose leading and pioneer companies who will give you the right and exact solutions that your website demands. We allow you to choose from the accredited top 10 asp hosting providers through an easy to read list which compares ASP web hosting providers who will best for you and your business.


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