TONOR TC-777 Computer Cardioid Condenser PC Gaming Mic Review – with Tripod Stand & Pop Filter

Have you ever experienced difficulty interacting with your co-players while playing online games?

Many times!

Choosing the best gaming mic is important. The best mic will help you with smooth communication, record videos and also offer several gaming podcasts. Simply put, with the right gaming mic, you can easily live stream the game. There are several gaming mics available in the market. These mics capture minimum noise and offer high-quality sound.

TONOR TC-777 is standing out from the crowd. The device is helping gamers to have a great experience with the best audio whenever playing online games.


TONOR is the world’s favourite brand for online gamers. Tonor has introduced tonor Computer USB Microphone. Whether you’re new or pro to the gaming world, a good mic can be an excellent gadget for you. With smooth communication, the TC-777 gaming mic is used in several areas such as streaming, voice recording, podcasting and more. Keeping it simple, TONOR TC-777 always comes as a handy device when you’re engaged in a digital world.

TONOR TC-777 computer cardioid condenser PC gaming mic will produce great sound. This will give the gamer’s voice a professional touch. As per research, the TONOR TC-777 gaming mic stood at the top. 

Plug & Play – Play your favourite game at comfort and convenience. All you need to do is plug and play. No additional software or sound cards are required. TC-777 provides a user-friendly experience for distance learning, podcasting, Skype calls, watching videos on YouTube, chatting with co-player, streaming, conference and more. The gadget doesn’t need programming knowledge to install or use it.

Assemble with ease – No more hassles involved with TONOR TC-777. The gaming mic is simple to assemble and you should unfold the given tripod stand. As per your requirement, adjust the stand position accordingly. Now, easily set the pop filters while playing.

Cardioid pickup pattern – Hope you’re looking for a crispy and clear sound. With TC-777, you can enjoy the smooth sound while suppressing the unnecessary noise running in the background. With good sound quality, a professional voice will be generated as the output. If you’re looking for daily usage, TC-777 is a great option for you.

Complete accessories – TONOR TC-777 is offering an all-in-one PC gaming microphone set. TC-777 set consists of the mic with a power cord, tripod, pop filter, mini shock mount, service card and pop filter. Everything is available. You don’t actually need to bother about purchasing additional accessories.

Cost-effective – When compared to other gaming microphones, TONOR TC-777 is offering a cost-effective price. Amazon is selling TONOR TC-777 at just $34.99. Get Computer USB Microphone on amazon at a pocket-friendly price. It’s worth buying!

Great compatibility – Whether you’re a Windows or Linux user, TC-777 can be a handy tool for you. TONOR TC-777 is compatible with multiple operating systems such as Windows, LINUX, PS4 and Apple. Keep note, TC-777 is not compatible with mobile phones, Xbox and Ipad.

Key technical specifications

  • Connectivity type: USB
  • Weight:1.6 pounds
  • Power source: Corded electric
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 90 DB
  • Material: PVC
  • Compatible device: Computer and laptop

Most of the people who are using or already used TC-777 are expressing interesting things about the microphone. The majority of the users are recommending TC-777 for cardioid, accurate voice and less expensive. You don’t need to burn your pocket to purchase TONOR TC-777. Amazon is selling the microphone for $34.99 only. The microphone is a comprehensive package that is designed with the current-day requirements in mind in order to provide better performance. The features presented in the expensive microphone are available in TONOR TC-777 as well.


Comparison between TONOR TC-777 and Blue Yeti

  • Brand – TONOR
  • Colour – Blue
  • Price – $34.99
  • Connectivity type – USB
  • Function – Single-functional
  • Material – PVC
  • Product Dimensions – 9.02 x 5.2 x 2.76 inches
  • Cost-performance – Very high
  • Accessories – Limited
  • Sound quality – Best
  • Brand – Blue Microphones
  • Colour – Midnight blue
  • Price – $99.99
  • Connectivity type – USB
  • Function – Multi-functional
  • Material – Plastic, Zinc and Metal
  • Product Dimensions – 12.45 x 11.94 x 29.46 cm
  • Cost-performance – Low
  • Accessories – Tripod, manual, pop filter and shock mount
  • Sound quality – Good for entry-level users



 A powerful mic is all that you need. It’s no surprise many laptops and PCs come with in-built mics, these are not the best thing to celebrate. TONOR TC-777 computer cardioid condenser PC gaming mic can be a good option for many people. Whether you’re an online gamer or musician, TC-777 can be the best gadget for you. With easy installation, good sound quality, cost-effective and avoiding unnecessary background noise, TC-777 is ruling now.

TONOR TC-777 is great for the entry-level desktop microphone. The mic is the best choice for live streaming, playing online games, home office, conference calls and more.


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