Tips for Playing Blockudoku

How is your puzzle-solving prowess? Have you tried Blockudoku? Bockudoku is among the top block puzzle games, and with tech advancements, you can now enjoy it on your mobile devices. Whether you are looking to kill boredom or pass the time, such as commuting or simply searching for a simple and fun block puzzle game, Blockudoku has you covered with a range of challenges that can keep you hooked for long. As you indulge in the game, you’ve probably watched the available tutorial, explaining the gameplay’s rules. However, before you hop on, it would help if you had a few tips and tricks to help you solve more levels and score better. Here are some straightforward tips to help you supercharge your Blockudoku playing quests.

Take it slow

Destroying various shapes as fast as you can is quite tempting, but that could affect your score and affect your progress. Instead of ridding different shapes as soon as they pop, consider how you can strategically work on more in lesser moves. Take your time, hover over the board, and see if there are better moves that can destroy more in fewer moves instead of getting rid of different shapes in multiple moves. You’ll enjoy the game longer as you won’t be caught off guard that fast, as is the case with hasty moves. As you take it slow, remember being flexible helps more than concentrating on a specific area as you endeavor to improve your scores. For instance, instead of concentrating on a particular area and shape, it would be best to mix things up as it helps to clear much space.

Guesswork won’t work

If you are guessing, you will likely run out of moves before you hit a desirable milestone. Instead of making random moves, focus on a certain thing, and take it a step at a time. For instance, if you’re only destroying lines and boxes for the bonus, your fun will be short-lived as that could see you running out of space in no time. For example, a great hack is ensuring that you leave enough room for the monster 3X3 block pieces. This ensures that you have enough moves to progress and score better.

Keep it clean

Are you building a wall, waiting for the perfect combination? That’s a beginner mistake you should avoid. You are supposed to destroy, not build. If you concentrate on finding the perfect combination, you’ll slow the gameplay and run out of moves before scaling a decent score. Trying as much as possible to put the available pieces into the best places that help destroy, not build, gives you more moves and space. A simple hack to keep the board clean; start from the edges and progresses inwards, ensuring that you don’t run out of space for new blocks.

Streaks-and-squares make Blockudoku a fun game. Helping you score better. However, don’t concentrate on creating certain figures as you strive to maintain a streak, as that could quickly fill the space, leaving you with fewer moves.


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