There’s no such thing as a zero loss trading strategy

If you are thinking about getting involved in the trading industry and starting forex trading, then you should probably be aware of not only the benefits that accompany trading forex but also the risks. The internet is full of articles about tips for trading strategies. “How to become a successful FX trader?”, “How much do FX traders make?”, “How long does it take to become a good trader”, or “Can you really make money from Forex trading?”. These “How To” articles are created especially for you, the beginners who don’t know much about the trading industry. You can indeed find out a lot of information if you research correctly but keep in mind that you need to filter all the unnecessary advice which won’t be productive for you at all and try to focus on reliable sources.

Beginners often try to feel safe, as trading is related to a number of risks. This is why they often try to find information about operating without any loss. In fact, you can really minimize estimated risks and increase your benefit but I suggest to stop looking for articles related to certain strategies like a zero loss trading strategy because how dramatic it may seem to you, to be honest, there’s no such thing as a zero loss trading strategy.

Now you may be disappointed but instead of looking for a no loss trading strategy, you can focus on winning a majority of trades and make a fortune. There are several ways to reduce losses and improve chances to succeed but remember that it doesn’t mean that you can completely avoid them! Certainly, it would be much better if there was a way to gain without any losses but in this case, everyone could use it and everyone would be wealthy in no time at all which is unimaginable. Why is it unbelievable? Because trading is a zero-sum game. In case you’re not sure what it means, then I’ll tell you that for the trader to be a winner there must be someone else to lose. While trading, it’s impossible to get back home with more money than you came with, like in a poker game. It can’t happen, it’s a false assumption. So, if you decided to trade forex, get used to the fact that the absolute strategy in trading is to focus on winning! 

As I am still a beginner, in case you can’t count on me, there are several interesting articles on the internet, explaining what is a no loss trading strategy? According to, which provides us with authentic and neutral news about the financial markets, you will have to learn that no loss trading strategy simply doesn’t exist. Instead, you better switch to learning how to minimize your losses and start getting significant income from FX trading. They often give us tips to devise strategies that will lead us to be successful traders, but even they say that it’s okay to have a minimal loss. We can follow a time tested strategy for this combined with discipline. 

Kyle Dennis made a fortune

Getting used to this fact is not that hard. To give you some hope, I’ll say that in fact, there are people you started with no basic knowledge, no prior experience, and succeeded. For example, Kyle Dennis is among these lucky few. According to Forbes, he made $2.8 million swing trading stocks from home. However, to achieve this success he invested every single penny he ever had and risked everything which was why he couldn’t afford to fail and as a result, he became a millionaire. He had never been an investor, he knew nothing about trading and was just a college graduate with a crazy idea of making money. But he discovered a webinar that taught him some simple trading strategies every beginner could use. 

“I didn’t have to make mathematical calculations or things like that. All I did was to get free information from the Internet and that was it. My trading account started to grow”. He DID have a loss at the beginning but his gain outweighed the losses and now he gains even more. 

This is just one story. There are many people out there who started with searching on the internet and became professional forex traders. The internet is full of inspirational stories. So, keep in mind that the most important thing for getting involved in the trading industry is YOU! You are a critical component to decide whether or not you successfully participate in trading. However, there are still some key primary elements that you can use in case you are a beginner. 

Simple FX trading tips

First of all, you need to develop a trader’s mindset which means you have to turn off your emotions and look at your trade as just one in a thousand. Emotion-free trading is an essential part of successful trading. Also, it’s important to manage your money, so that you won’t risk your trading account on any trading process. Besides, you have to create your own trading strategy, practice it, and hold to it. All these things will help you gain more and become a successful forex trader. 


I hope that now you are already getting used to the fact that there is no such thing as zero trading strategy and even the most successful traders face risks and suffer losses during their trading careers. This is completely normal. You will make mistakes at the beginning but learning from your mistakes is an essential part of success. After spending time on making up your own strategies, you will acquire skills to reduce losses and do better. 

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