The questions asked when we design a logo

In businesses, the most effective logo gives a simple yet remarkable picture of what the company is and what it represents. This should also hold true for nearly any type of business including foreclosures. Think of how the McDonald’s, Apple, Adidas, and Nike showed how a logo should leave an immediate impression to the public. From the moment the customers see the logo, they should already know what company it is.

A logo is difficult to conceptualize especially if you don’t about your brand’s vision. In an article published on BBC, the UK-based oil company BP spent £136 million for its current sunflower logo. This only goes to show how serious a company can get in choosing the best logo there is. Unlike BP,  not all companies can are willing to spend a lot just for the logo. Some prefer a simplistic approach. Meanwhile, others would love intricacies.

Many questions concerning logo design will arise along the way. So, here are some of the things one may consider in designing a logo:

  1. What is the business all about and what are its core principles?

You can start by thinking about how you want your company to represent itself to the public. Take LG as an example. The company is famous for being one of the world’s leading manufacturer of household appliances. Befittingly, their tagline “Life’s Good” clearly reflects what the company aims for. That is to say that they manufacture appliances to improve the life of its customers.

In the case of a foreclosure business, consider the goal of the business. Is it by offering great deals at the best price that the company wanted itself to be recognized? Or is it in the speed with which the company can process the deal? Before even starting to brainstorm on the design, think first of the company and what it does truly represent. Find out what makes the company stand out from the rest.

  1. What could be a good layout?

This kind of question is the first thing that will come to mind when it comes to planning the logo of the company. What you should do is to consider what will be the logo’s impact on the target audience. Use a visual logo.  A research published on the MIT Sloan Management Review suggests that visual logos prove to be more effective than text logos. They create a connection with consumers which the latter cannot provide.

If the target audience is similar to a foreclosure business, a sharp design could be a good start. According to the Association for Psychological Science, the angularity of the logo strongly emphasizes the hardness and durability aspect of a design.

Color is also an important factor to consider. An infographic from The Logo Company clearly illustrates what color will invoke a particular emotion. For example, a black and white contrast shows balance and serenity. Blue signifies strength and trust. Meanwhile, red invokes the feeling of excitement and boldness.

Similar to the shape and color of the logo, fonts also convey emotions. Fancy fonts are unappealing for a foreclosure business. Rather, a straightforward and strongly-typed font is the best option for the company.

  1. Should an expert designer do the logo?

People within the company can work on the logo, which should somehow ease the problem. However, hiring an expert graphic designer must not be disregarded. As Shandrow of the Entrepreneur puts it, expert designers are well-versed not only in the aesthetic part of a logo. They also consider the appearance of the said logo across the different platforms.

  1. Will the logo and the accompanying principle of its company still hold true in the long run?

The aesthetics should not be done merely for the sake of having a logo. Creating a logo is more than the design, color, or the fonts. It must be more than just an embodiment of the company’s ideals. What matters most for the logo to stand the test of time is the service that the company consistently provides by offering the best option there is in order to satisfy the needs of the customers.

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