The best video streaming services for families

The entertainment world is constantly evolving and there are different mediums through which you can get entertainment now. In the past, people used to get cable TV services to watch movies, news, and cartoons, etc. but now with the internet, everything has changed. You don’t need to sit in front of the TV to watch a cooking channel while your food burns in the kitchen. With streaming services, you can watch anything, anywhere, anytime.

From TV series to kids’ content, everything is available on the streaming platforms. It’s been in news for so long that the era of cable TV is dying which is true to some extent as millions of users are switching from cable TV services to streaming services. Streaming services have many benefits and are very pocket-friendly but still, there are many users who are getting traditional services and are not ready to switch to streaming services. They won’t take the risk but they will pay extra every month and they are cool with it.

The increasing trend of streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon prime is in news for so long and as they offer tons of content to their users, people are very happy with the services.  People who are doing the telecommunication business are aware of people’s needs and they anticipate what the customers want in the future and they come up with that. New technologies are coming up every day and we should take benefit of it.

Many people who were using traditional services are now using streaming services because of the flexibility offered by the streaming services and they are cost-effective. It totally makes sense that people get what’s in trend and if that comes at an economic cost and with better features, everyone should go for it. As per a study, more than 70% of the US population have at least one streaming service and the average household watches 3 to 4 services.

The average cost of a streaming service is around $9.00 a month and if you sign up for a streaming service, multiple people in your family can watch whatever they want on their smartphone/smart TV which is super cool and will be very economic.

Streaming service

With the streaming service, the best part is that all the latest content will be available on your streaming platform and you will get access to top-rated TV series and movies. There are some telecommunication companies that offer Live streaming services which are more like traditional TV services but you don’t need a cable box for it or you won’t be paying extra charges like taxes and surcharges. There will be just service charges.

For the Live streaming services, you need a reliable and high-speed internet connection and a smart TV or any smart device on which you can log in with the credentials and can stream. Companies like Spectrum offer both internet and access to Live streaming services. You can check Spectrum plans to find out more about the channel lineup and internet speed that you will be getting. There will be multiple plans and you can pick one out of them as per your need and budget.

The best part with the streaming services is that you don’t need to sit where the TV is installed. You can just download the app on your smart device and can stream anywhere and anytime. You don’t get such flexibility with the traditional TV services.

The following are some of the best and most economic streaming platforms where you will get access to amazing movies and TV series.

  • Netflix

Millions of people watch Netflix every day and the numbers of users are going up every day. Netflix is loved by millions of people and with more than 100 million users, Netflix is considered the best streaming platform and will give you access to all your favorite movies with all the genres and amazing TV series. Netflix offers different plans with different features and the price ranges from $8.99-$17.99 a month. If you have kids at your house, Netflix has amazing parental control settings that will help you in putting restrictions and give you control over titles, shows, etc.

  • Amazon prime

Amazon prime is also one of the best streaming platforms and they too have millions of users who love to watch content on Amazon prime. This streaming platform offers you tons of amazing content in multiple languages and amazing video quality. Amazon prime offers multiple plans and the price of the plans ranges from $8.99-$12.99 a month. Amazon prime also offers strong parental control settings which you can change as per your requirements.

Benefits of streaming services

There are many benefits of streaming services. In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits that you get with streaming services.

  • Pocket-friendly

Whenever you are planning to buy a product or a service, you try to get the product or service which suits your budget and your requirements. You will never get something extra or fancy which you don’t even need. You always try to get something cost-effective.

With the traditional TV service, you will be paying extra for the equipment like the cable box and if you don’t have a smart TV and you have multiple televisions in your house, you will be getting a cable box for each television and then there will be extra charges like the taxes, broadcast fee, and other surcharges. You will be paying a handsome amount of money for something which you can get at a very cheap cost. With the streaming services, you will be saving a lot as there will be no charges other than the streaming service charges.

When you will sign up, you will be getting a streaming app, which you can download and that’s pretty much it. You are all set. Watch your favorite movies and TV shows anytime.

  • No-commitment policy

You are living in a new world where new technologies come up with better features and better prices every day and if you’ll bind yourself in a contract, you will not be able to get that till you cancel the current services and pay early termination fees. All the streaming service comes with no contract policy and if you ever want to switch to another streaming platform, you can just cancel it and there will be no penalties. How cool is that!

  • No ads

How bad it hurts when someone interrupts you while you are so much into the movie or anything you are watching? A lot, I’m sure! With the traditional service, you will be seeing ads a lot and that will result in frustration and you might stop watching the TV. With the streaming services, the best is that there will be no ads.


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