Summer Retail Promos Using QR Codes: 5 Unforgettable Summer Sale Ads

Do you want to know why businesses go big in their summer sale promos? There are two known reasons for that: supply, and the time people have for shopping. 

Aside from that, the lists of items that go on sale during that period coincide with the month where people take a rest from work — and for students, from school. 

With summer starting in June and ending in August, the deals you can get in this period can be huge. 

As it is the time for conducting a series of sales for businesses, some of them are modernizing the way they advertise with the use of a free best QR code generator with logo online, since people today are engrossed in scanning QR codes.

To remember how these 2D codes take over summer sale periods, let us take a short journey on the 5 unforgettable summer sale QR code ads that changed the way businesses market their products. 

5 unforgettable summer sale QR code ads

  1. Korean E-Mart Sundial QR code

In 2012, E-Mart’s South Korean branch took a big leap in modernizing the way they give discounts to shoppers with the use of a 3D Sundial QR code. 

The QR code adjusts with the movement from the sun and gives a 25% sales increase during lunchtime. During that period, the store issued more than 12,000 coupons and has enabled lucky shoppers to scan 12 dollars off on the coupon.

This campaign gained the attention of the media as it was covered in multiple occasions and even remembered until now. 

  1. L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation QR code 

Prepping for your summer look, but have no time to try on different foundation shades at Sephora or other beauty pop up stores? No worries, L’Oreal Paris has you covered with their True Match Foundation QR code summer sale promo. 

Using QR codes, the campaign allows makeup shoppers to try on different shades of their True Match Foundation without needing to apply the product physically on their faces. This allowed customers to save more time in choosing the foundation that best suits their skin tone. 

  1. Gabriela Hearst “The Garment Journey” QR code promo

Gabriela Hearst, a luxury brand for men’s and women’s ready-to-wear apparel and accessories collection uses QR codes in their clothing transparency campaign. 

In their 2020 “The Garment Journey” Spring Collection, the 2D barcode is attached in each clothing or accessory. When scanned, it directs to the item’s material used, origin, and production process. 

  1. Toys R Us Summer Sale QR code

With kids getting a break from school, the famous toy company, Toys R Us comes in the picture by attaching a video QR code in each toy they sell for them. 

The QR code when scanned by parents and kids directs to a video of how the toy works, and the facts and features embedded in it. This campaign promotes the importance of parents being informed with the toys they purchase. 

  1. USPS Summer Postage Sale QR code

In 2011, the US-based mailing company USPS incorporated QR codes in their summer postage sale. They added this tool to entice more buyers to buy or upgrade the postage stamps they buy for their mails. 


Summer sales can give businesses the opportunity to increase their revenue and exposure during the event. And as more customers are spending their vacation through shopping, several businesses grabbed the opportunity to make their summer sale promo more appealing to their customers. 

Using QR codes in doing a summer sale campaign, businesses can house three or more different marketing strategies with one marketing material. They can customize its design and add their logo using a QR code generator with logo online. 


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