Spaceship Voyager: next generation Investment App for newbies

“Don’t save all your eggs in one basket”, have you ever heard of this proverb? It means you must be careful with your investments and not pool them into one option, but rather distribute them among several options. The new generation of investors are taking one step at a time, they are not hurrying their decision when it comes to investing.

So the topic being raised are you a pro-investor or a newbie? Even if you’re one of the two, you must remember that you should be able to predict the future of an investment option to avoid any mishaps in your financial planning.

Investing takes a lot of thinking and planning, most of them take professional help and others talk with family and friends and do their part of research online before deciding. But what if there is an app that could make investing easy and fun and provide you with detailed information before investing. Spaceshipinvest is one such investment app for newbies and experts who are planning to up their investment game.


What is Spaceship Voyager?

Spaceship Voyager is designed for experts and newbies of the next generation. Taking investment decisions is now easy and fun with this app. You can manage your investment portfolio right from your pocket. Are you wondering where can you save your weekly savings? Do you want in-depth analysis or information of a company before investing? All of these are possible with Spaceship Voyager.

This app is designed to make investing easy for the next generation. So it is user-friendly and easy to use. All you have to do is become an investor on it and pick a portfolio. Once you become an investor you would receive all the information curated by the in-house content team. You would get to know about 100 companies and have detailed information about them.


Pick your Portfolio

Once you become an investor next comes the most important part. Which portfolio to choose? Grouping all the assets you have invested in is called Portfolio. So Spaceship Voyager allows you to choose from its low-cost market index fund Spaceship Index Portfolio or Spaceship Universe Portfolio. These two portfolios are selected by Spaceship Voyager investment team carefully, they don’t invest through Exchange Traded Fund’s (ETF), they invest directly in companies that make up the fund.


Spaceship Index Portfolio

Diversification is what makes your investment portfolio good. That is what this app offers, it allows the user to explore around 200 companies. It allows you to invest in both Australia and other global companies.

Spaceship Universal Portfolio

Spaceship believes to invest “where the world is going, not where it has been”. Their team offers 100 hand-picked companies which will not get disrupted, you can invest them using your universe portfolio. This portfolio also offers you global exposure and lets you invest in companies all around the globe.


Why Spaceship Voyager?

Spaceship Voyager creates the habit of investing daily in you. You don’t have to make huge investments right from the start. You can take baby steps towards investment and slowly but steadily build it. There is no minimum investment rule in it, so the user can invest any amount that fits their budget. You can even establish a regular investment plan to invest.

You receive weekly payments and are planning to invest weekly? No worries Spaceship Voyager will allow you to invest in a weekly, Fortnightly or monthly basis. This way you will get used to the idea of investing and gradually you would see how beneficial long-term investing is.



Any investment you make in Spaceship Voyager is free up to first $5000 balance. Above $5000 it charges 0.05%/yr for your balance in Spaceship Index Portfolio. For Spaceship Universe Portfolio it charges 0.10%/yr for your balance above $5000.


Final Thoughts

SpaceShip Voyager is providing the best investment services. It is allowing users to make investments that fit their budget. There are no brokerage fees, no entry and exit fees, no buy-sell spreads making it even more desirable. This app allows you to invest in your own terms and get great returns.

You can even go global with investments as it is providing you with an opportunity to invest in global companies also. So the next time you’re planning to invest, use Spaceship Voyager to do in-depth research about the company, pick a portfolio and be on your way to become a pro-investor.

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