Should a Business Use Both Email Marketing and Text Marketing?

The simple answer is yes. Businesses reap benefits from using both email and text marketing. When used in tandem, businesses reach more customers! Just think about it. Email marketing and text marketing both can offer something different to customers in the neverending marketing game. 

So, when you use them together, you’re basically compounding the amount of people you reach, sell to, and are referred by. It works really well. And in our day in age when there are so many options for communication, you can’t really expect one way to be a surefire marketing solution. Reach customers where their eyeballs are – whether through email or text. 

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is one of the most used marketing tools out there. Virtually every business has a marketing email. And for good reason. It’s a simple way to reach a lot of people at one time. You can send an email out with your products, and voila your work is done. All that is left is for the customer to open the email and purchase your product or products. 

However, even email marketing, as useful as it is, has some drawbacks. Not everyone has an email. Not everyone checks it regularly. And not everyone is happy to receive email marketing. So, how do you reach people that are not easily accessible with email? Simple. You find another marketing solution. 

Text Marketing

Text marketing, just like email marketing, is a great way to market to customers. It’s one of the most convenient and in recent years smartphones have made it all the more lucrative. When a business sends text marketing, it goes directly to the customers phone – whether they are connected to the internet or not. Unlike email, text doesn’t need the internet to send and receive a message. 

Plus, text marketing, although relatively new to the marketing game, has made some huge strides in technology. There are even text marketing CRMs that allow a business to reach a large audience by mass text message. Mass text is not group text. It’s actually a lot closer to email marketing. Mass text, just like email marketing, allows a business to send a large group of people the same text message, but the text is received individually. 

Use Both Email Marketing and Text Marketing 

When businesses use both email and text marketing, it allows a business to cover all its bases. Email marketing is most effective for customers who check their email regularly and may access it on their smartphones. Text marketing is most effective for customers who have a phone, not just a smartphone, that receives texts. 

A word on legality here. Both email and text marketing have to be opted-in. Meaning you can’t send marketing emails or texts without a customer’s consent. This protects both you and the customer. In the end, email marketing and text marketing are great ways to implement your marketing plan. When used properly and together, they both contribute to greater ROI and a business’s bottom line. 

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