Several aspects of life that are improved for gamers

There are several aspects of life that are improved for gamers as opposed to non-gamers such as driving. A published study reported that certain video games can heighten a person’s visual motor skills, essentially improving the coordination between visual cues and muscle responses which helps a person in everyday tasks that require this skill.

Another area where video game playing can help with is learning. After hours upon hours of playing video games, it’s almost like you have actually rewired your brain to be better at learning. You actually enhance certain aspects of how your brain works like multitasking, perception, attention, task-switching, and decision making.

Video games can also help people of specific professions, either during or in preparation for it. People training to become surgeons might be looking at hours of video game sessions as video games may apparently be a practical teaching tool for them, especially for laparoscopic and suturing skills.

Even the military can benefit from video games as gamers score higher than actual aviation pilots when it comes to flying drones. In general, gamers tend to be more suited for high pressure situations.

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