SEO Hacks for the Most Successful Website

Consider this: a full 80 percent of an average website’s traffic comes from a query on a search engine. Search engines are considered to be the rulers of the internet, and for small business owners, this can seem intimidating. There are are so many websites out there, so how is anyone supposed to stand out and make their brand known as the “big fish” in the even larger world of Google?

The answer is simple: search engine optimization. SEO is a compilation of digital marketing techniques that work to boost a website’s online visibility and increase their ranking on a search engine page. Every website can benefit from investing in SEO, and here are some hacks to implement that will pack a big punch in the long run.

Create content

 A potential customer comes to your website because they’re looking to learn more about who you are, what you offer, and how they can make a purchase. So it only makes sense that you want to create content on your page that explains all of this.

You want to write blog posts that explain your product, who you are, and what benefits your service can bring to readers. It is also important to remember that creating quality content is key not only on your website, but on all your social media platforms as well. Share as much as you can and your brand awareness will show.

Incorporate keywords

 Within your content, it is crucial you add keywords. Simply put, a keyword is the word that’s commonly used in a search engine query. So if a client is looking for HVAC services in Atlantic City, New Jersey, they may search something along the lines of “best HVAC provider in Atlantic City, NJ,” or “HVAC services in Atlantic City.” Those phrases are keywords, and you need to include relevant keywords on your website.

How do you pick which keywords to use on your website? The easiest way is to look at your competitor’s website. Read through their content, headlines, and meta tags and see what words pop out to you.

Implementing these keywords works twofold. Including relevant keywords in your content shows Google website crawlers that your website is relevant to your niche and industry, and it helps push up your rankings. After all, Google only wants to showcase websites with quality, relevant content on their top search engine positions.

Build links

 Building a diverse backlink profile through link building is another method that allows Google bots to easily determine the accuracy and relevancy of your website. A backlink profile consists of both inbound links, when other websites link to your pages, and outbound links, where you link to other websites.

All websites are not created equal. Websites are ranked on their quality via something known as a domain rating (or a DR). A DR is a score based on a multitude of different factors from the website’s backlink profile, their keyword optimization, and website views. This scale is from 1-100, and it is always a good idea to have websites with a variety of DRs link to you.

Make your page responsive for mobile

 The majority of consumers nowadays are always on their smartphone, so why wouldn’t you ensure they can access your website while they’re on their phone? Unfortunately, a website isn’t automatically responsive for mobile, so it does require some extra work to make it possible. Once you make that plunge, however, it’ll be easier for customers to contact and purchase from you.

All of these SEO tips and tricks will help you create a website that ranks high within search engines. Just remember to stay resilient and consistent, and you’ll see the rewards of your hard work soon.

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