Scandinavians Really Have Nothing To Lose By Investing In Cryptocurrencies with LiteFinTech

Over the past few years, financial web services have experienced significant growth. A financial web service that has successfully provided individuals, as well as businesses, with modern cryptocurrencies is LiteFinTech. When this company was designed, it was made to provide the industry’s most current security with the fastest trade execution possible. Investors who are new to cryptocurrencies but are trading will have questions about such things as a stable wallet, fast trade executions and more. LiteFinTech is here to help all of them succeed.

Better Opportunities To Scandinavians

Development of LiteFinTech was motivated by a desire for a transparent and honest market. Providing better opportunities for Scandinavians was the main objective. This has been accomplished by making certain Scandinavians receive effective tools for trading as well as the necessary investment education. This enables users who are newly registered to invest in cryptocurrencies with a chance to experience the real global financial market.

Speed Services

Some speed services provided by LiteFinTech are exchanging as well as receiving or sending cryptocurrencies for exchange rates significantly lower than other companies in the market. This company also provides a platform that has customer support designed to be multilingual. This platform also provides a website with the ability to be translated into as many as seven languages. These services are provided so traders can make the most accurate decisions possible when trading. Scanning the market and seeing trade setups is something that can be done by traders without any interruption.

User Fund Safety

A customer’s account is set apart from any company funds. This is done for the safety of the user’s funds. This separation is done for two important reasons. It will avoid the wrong usage of any money by one group from another. It will also distinguish a group’s money. This separation makes it easy to determine which money is owned by a specific client if anything bad happens to the company. These are some of the benefits clients experience who have different accounts when their funds are apart from those of LiteFinTech. This company has two accounts that make certain funds are kept separate. To make certain clients experience the best service possible, the company works with Barclays Bank. Any funds owned by a user are never used by the company for any action or another type of investment. This makes certain their funds are always safe.

Investor Compensation Fund

So as to handle any claim from a covered client, LiteFinTech has set up an Investor Compensation Fund. This fund will compensate clients should the company be facing difficult financial circumstances. Once the investment firm law of 2002 was enacted, the investor compensation fund was created. As amended, the investment firm law establishes an operation of a fund for investor compensation. It is designated for customers of 2004 ICFs. These are regulations issued as part of the terms of the investment firm law. This compensation fund makes it possible for the client of an ICF member to receive compensation no matter the currency and place offering the investment service. It doesn’t even matter how many accounts are held by a customer. All this is done to benefit the clients of LiteFinTech. It is a way for them to know when trading all of their trades that each will be handled with the best possible integrity, security as well as transparency.

The award-winning MT5 platform is used by LiteFinTech. This platform is easy to download and preferred by many traders to improve their cryptocurrency market presence. Those who use the MT5 can run trades manually as well as automatically. An investment plan involving free education for users as well a service without commission is being offered to Scandinavians. This is a special service and has been made to accommodate the current state of the market in Scandinavia. It takes taxes and interest rates into consideration and more.

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