Review of Android App – Easy Logger

We live in the age of data and analytics. It is crucial for us to keep track of our digital information for a range of purposes including – data loss, security, and so on. Now if you need to have some usage statistic regarding your kid’s or spouse’s cell phone, or if you simply want to keep a well-organized chart on how your own cell is being used, have a phone tracker app can be helpful. Easy Logger is one such Android application which we shall be reviewing today.

Features of Easy Logger

The Easy Logger apps come in a free and paid version, and the functions will vary according to which version you pick. Here is a list of all the data the app can track along with some other impressive features:

  • Detailed logs of phone calls including information such as phone number, call duration, time of a call, and even the location where the call was made.
  • Monitoring SMS or text messaging incoming and outgoing from the device.
  • A detailed usage statistic of all the application installed on the device and usage behavior of all these apps.
  • Location-based Tracking including 24/7 location monitoring, list of locations visited along with physical addresses, and geo-fencing feature to send an alert when the device has left a particular fenced area.
  • Alert for app installation and uninstallation.
  • Inactivity alert feature will send you an email if the device is left unused for a long period.
  • If the device on which the app is installed has a gyroscope, then the app can detect if the device or the user has fallen. If so, it will send you a fall alert.
  • Online Control Panel allows you to manage multiple numbers of devices.
  • And on top of all these, the app is practically undetectable on the installed device.

Uses of Easy Logger

After going through all the features, you can pretty much develop an idea of how you can use the application. Still, we have provided some plausible use cases of the app:

  • Safety of Children: With this app installed, you can monitor if your kids have made any bad friends, whether or not they are going to the wrong places without your permission, and also get alerts about their safety.
  • Monitoring Employees: If you have authorized a phone to your employee, you might keep track of how it is being used. For such purposes, the app works wonders.
  • Organizing Personal Data: All the calls we make, messages we send, and places we visit, are stored on your Android device but kept in an unorganized fashion that is hard to scrutinize. With this app, you will be able to keep track of all that and also get an organized well-structured email with all these data.

How to Use Easy Logger

Store because all its functions are a bit shady – however, the app is legitimate. So to install it, you will have to go to the settings page on the target phone, head to security and turn on “install apps from unknown sources.”

The next bit is to download the app which you can do via this link.

Once you have downloaded the app, the next bit is to configure it. The user interface is very simple. All you have to do is pick all the options you want to track.

Next, you need to configure an email-ID where you wish to send all the collected data. You can send the emailing feature to weekly or daily, as you prefer.


The pro version of the application comes at a nominal charge of $4.5 for each phone it tracks. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee in case you don’t like their service.

The basic difference between the pro and free version is that the location tracking functionalities, along with app usage tracking, and the option to hide the app, are all exclusive to the paid version.


Do note: If you are picking the free version of this app, then there is also an alternative which you can pick up from Google Play Store. Free Phone Tracker offers mostly all the features that you get with the free version of Easy Logger and doesn’t require you to turn on “install apps from unknown sources” option.


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