Prosum Holdings digital services

Prosum Holdings is a software company, a technology hub with extensive skills and full-range IT services. It works on software and digital strategies with seriousness and passion through the activity of a close-knit team made up of computer engineers with various specializations and other professionals.

Prosum employs a team of experienced developers and consultants with years of experience in technology collaborative projects. Knowledge of a wide range of technologies allows the company’s specialists to meet the requirements of clients from the different business and industrial sectors, public administration and education. If there are no standard ready-made solutions for a particular case, then to meet the needs of the business, an individual development is carried out, providing a competitive advantage over other market participants. Using modern software across a wide variety of devices is a key success factor. Benefits Prosum agency provides to its clients:

  • Increased productivity;
  • Improved performance indicators of the company;
  • Ensuring staff mobility;
  • Improving the automation of business processes;
  • Enhancing the corporate image;
  • Effective management of corporate knowledge and simplification of joint projects;
  • Saving time;
  • Saving disk space through unified and centralized storage of information!

Prosum has an experienced information security team that has been working with the most advanced technology, security concepts, designs and security practices for many years. With knowledge of many reliable techniques, the company’s employees are capable to meet the security requirements of the clients from various industries.

Example of some Prosum agency services

Prosum Holdings offers its clients a wide range of software testing services for the implementation of projects of any complexity. To successfully complete even the most problematic projects, the IT team combines well-thought-out QA processes using modern tools and methodologies. Full-cycle testing helps to quickly obtain an objective assessment of the quality of your software and ensures the correct operation of all its components. They check and help improve important aspects of quality: functionality, compatibility, fault tolerance, usability, security, and others.

Prosum specialists ensure absolute transparency of all work performed. Checks and tests are integrated with existing processes, and all the necessary information is provided in the used accounting system in real time. For each project, measurable indicators of actually achieved results are developed, which allow you to stay abreast of the current status of work. Test documentation is delivered on every stage. All documents are regularly updated to be of benefit to the development, testing and management team. The experts provide periodic detailed reports on all errors and problems, as well as recommendations, which allows to ensure complete transparency of work on the project.

The usability of websites and mobile applications directly affects conversion and largely determines customer loyalty. Independent peer review of usability with tests allows you to identify the shortcomings of the interface and system. Prosum agency will analyze the site’s, application, software or intranet usability and provide a detailed report on the implementation of the flaws. High-quality technical support and software maintenance guarantees its stable operation and adaptability to changes, reduces the risks associated with the security of information.

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