Online Marketing Mistakes That Are Going To Cost You

In every single industry online marketing is necessary. This is true for both B2C and B2B companies. If the online marketing plan is inefficient or ineffective, the competition will go ahead. It does not matter what you want to promote through online marketing. You can do so for practically anything from Volkswagen transmission repair to consultancy services. Making mistakes hurts everything so be sure that you avoid these really common online marketing mistakes.

Huge Focus On Facebook Ads

Many digital marketers see Facebook ads as a wonderful option because they are very simple to setup and scaling is so accessible. However, engagement can be a lot higher when choosing other platforms. Instagram is the best example of this for various different industries. At the same time, whenever looking at video content, YouTube is dominating the market and is often overlooked by digital marketers. We should even mention LinkedIn as a wonderful alternative for Facebook Ads in various cases.

Lack Of Email Marketing Strategies

When spending money on digital marketing strategies you want to maximize the value that every single visitor has. With this in mind, it is a shame to see that email marketing is still not utilized. It is not at all difficult to use tools like MailChimp and Justuno in order to lead the visitors right into email lists. Marketing to them on ongoing basis becomes really simple. After creating the list, targeted emails can be sent to every single defined group. For instance, a list of the existing customers can be created. Another list can be built around people that came to the site but did not buy much.

Lack Of Audience Awareness

Not knowing the audience is one of the biggest possible online marketing mistakes that could be made. The brand can create really good content and back a wonderful product. Even so, failure will appear in online marketing when promotions are reaching inappropriate audiences. Proper data analytics systems have to be used. You always need to know exactly what audience converts or is engaged since that is who you have to reach with your marketing campaigns.

Try to use tracking pixels and mine the current user base that is accessible for all the information that is possible. You do want to know details about average income, profession, interests and many other demographics. Such metrics will offer insights about who buys products and who simply thinks about a purchase.

Focusing Solely On The Big Influencers

One of the most effective forms of marketing is definitely the one that uses influencers. It is highly effective since it takes advantage of industry influencers that already have a follower community. Brands are instantly put in a great position in front of the audiences of the influencers.

The big marketing mistake is that managers try to engage only the influencers that are really big. The focus is normally put on following size. In reality, the highest possible success will come when working with those influencers that have really high engagement levels. Engagement per post is a much better metric to look at than number of followers.



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