Marketing Strategies for Taking Your Amazon Associates Game Up a Notch

There is no doubt that Amazon Associates, the company’s affiliate marketing program, is very attractive for a lot of publishers right now. Everyone from site owners to YouTube content creators all use Amazon Associates as a way to monetize their content. Some even do affiliate marketing full-time, incorporating tools such as AMZ Insight to stay ahead of the market.

It is also true that you cannot rely on conventional strategies and expect to beat the competition. You are competing with a lot of other affiliate marketers. It is time to up your Amazon Associates game with these marketing strategies.

Think About the Journey

There are many ways to improve conversion, but the one strategy you have to focus on to get ahead is customer journey management. Customer journey management means tailoring every part of the customer’s journey, from the moment they find your content to making their Amazon purchase decision, to perfection.

Customer journey management is not something that most affiliate marketers use. If you look at experts in this field such as, you will find that they cater more to retailers or sellers directly. However, it is still a strategy that can help increase conversion to a whole new level.

To get started, you need to tailor your content and key messages more for funneling potential customers. Add a strong call to action to the end of that funnel and make sure you redirect potential customers to a suitable landing page for maximum conversion. Don’t stop there either. Follow up on the customer’s journeys by publishing additional content related to the products you recommend.

Keep It Personal

Personalization is another hot strategy to use, especially in a market as competitive as the affiliate marketing market. Gone are the days of producing generic content for a wide audience segment. Today, personalization is the way you capture the attention of those viewers and turn them into customers.

There are more tools you can use to personalize your content. For example, the front page of your site can now be programmed to display different content based on the viewer’s past browsing habit or history. The more personalized the user experience is the higher your chances of converting visitors into customers.

Go Visual

This last strategy is a relatively common one, but it is a strategy that affiliate marketers still underutilize. We’re talking about using visuals – photos and videos – to link directly to Amazon. Yes, instead of using a text-based URL or anchor, you can achieve more by linking images to Amazon.

This is a strategy that you can incorporate immediately thanks to its simple nature. Visitors will naturally click on images when reading your content. By linking the images directly to Amazon, you present visitors with a relevant product page; high conversion is just a matter of directing those visitors to the best landing page.

These strategies will certainly help you stay ahead of the affiliate marketing game in 2018. The market will only get more exciting, so act now and start refining your marketing strategies today.

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