These Keyloggers for iPhone can help to Track Your Device and Monitor Your Kids

If you are wondering whether you can remotely watch your children’s online activities so as to prevent
them from the unwanted dangers online, you come to the right place because this post will introduce a
good keylogger for iPhone which helps you achieve the goal. You may still be uncertain whether there is
a really family-friendly parental control keylogger for iPhone. This article will give you the answer.

What Is A Keylogger for iPhone?
Firstly, it’s necessary to know that a keylogger is a piece of software which records keystrokes inputted on
a phone. With keylogging feature, you can keep tracks of the activities and GPS location of another
device remotely. This feature of a keylogger tracks a lost device and watch the mobile activities on the
lost phone. A keylogger for iPhone is an app which logs keystrokes typed on an iPhone.

Nowadays, keylogging is mainly used for parents to keep an eye on their children’s mobile activities so
that parents can detect potential danger in advance and take timely action to protect their kids. Many
parents do so because the children are not old enough to tell what is good and bad. Also, parents will
only monitor children’s device when kids are not grown up. When children reach the age of 18 years old,
they will stop using a keylogger.

Some employers also use such a keylogger to watch their employees’ activities when employees use the
company devices for work. The main purpose of such monitoring is to detect potential insider threats and
prevent information leakage. If you want to know how a keylogger for iPhone works as a parental control
tool, you can read on to find it out.

How Does An iPhone Keylogger Work?
Generally speaking, an iPhone keylogger works by logging keystrokes, social chats, web history, call
history invisibly. Take a look at the activities that it can record.

Surrounding recording feature is a remarkable feature because you can know whether children are doing
remotely by hearing the sound. You can also know whether children have inappropriate behaviors at
school. For instance, you can know whether they are bullying others.If that’s really the case, you can take
necessary measures at once to correct them in the wrong way.

Websites Visited
A keylogger for iPhone logs websites visited. In this way, parents can know whether children visit
inappropriate sites.Besides that, parents know the most common searches on children’s browser. For
instance, a parent may need to take care if the kid is found to keep visiting porn and violent websites and
input searches which may include porn and violence.

Social Chats
A keylogger for iPhone records text messages, voice messages, photos and pictures sent and received on
Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and Line. In this way, parents know whether their kids contact suspicious
guys and conduct inappropriate activities. Parents are able to prevent the unwanted consequence in

GPS Location
What will you do if you cannot contact your kids when they should arrive home early? Don’t worry! A
keylogger for iPhone can track GPS position and you can view the GPS logs remotely. In this way, you
can judge whether your kids are in some inappropriate places. GPS tracking is just fantastic!

Call History
The keylogger for iPhone, such as iKeyMonitor, can capture call history on an iPhone secretly. By
checking the call history, parents know when the calls are made, early morning or late night? Parents can
also know who the children contact most frequently.
With the wide usage of the Internet and iPhone, there is also a rise in online danger. If you want to keep
an eye on your children’s mobile activities and keep them from unwanted trouble, a keylogger for iPhone
can help you relieve your concern perfectly!

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