Is an Ergonomic Chair Really Worth the Investment?

The first thing usually considered when buying an office chair is how comfortable it is. Well that, and how much money it’ll set you back. But this is actually quite a dangerous place to start – we spend so much time sitting that slouching and being comfortable can be quite damaging to our posture.

What Are My Options?

We have already researched the pros and cons to a standing desk vs a traditional office chair, most people assume that standing desks would be healthier for you rather than sitting all day. But the evidence proves otherwise. So, what is the solution to this confusing dilemma? If sitting all day in an office chair can be so unhealthy, and standing no better, where are we to turn?

What Are Ergonomic Chairs?

That’s where ergonomic chairs come in. Ergonomic chairs are specifically designed to support your posture – by no means does this mean that they’re uncomfortable, just that they marry comfort with posture-support. The beauty of it is that ergonomic chairs are not one-size-fits-all; obviously, we’re all built differently (with unique sizes, shapes, weights, aches, and pains) so ergonomic chairs come with built-in features that ensure comfort as well as support.

How Do They Support Me?

Although features such as adjusting the seat height are nothing new in an office chair, an ergonomic chair helps keep you at the right level to work. You should have your arms parallel to the floor, be sat straight, and with your head parallel to your screen to avoid eye strain. An ergonomic chair helps you achieve all of this by having the heights of arms, chair, and back of your chair moved independently.

Ergonomic chairs also allow for adjusting the seat size, armrests, and tilting the seat. This last one is especially important as it makes it a smarter choice for a lot of people since office chairs aren’t designed to be the optimal position for everyone. 

However, the most recognisable feature of ergonomic chairs are the backrests. The S shape that they use is significantly different from your traditional office chairs. This kind of shape promotes a healthy posture and the support ensures that you won’t be met with any nasty backpains that are oh-so-familiar from traditional office chairs.

What Are the Benefits of an Ergonomic Chair?

One of the main concerns people have with ergonomic chairs is the fact that you don’t stand up after an 8-hour shift feeling revitalised. If ergonomic chairs are so special compared to standard chairs, why don’t I feel any different after using one? Well, you won’t actually register any noticeable chairs immediately – ergonomic chairs support your posture in a way that benefits your long-term health. Think of it as an investment into a healthier body – you can buy a standard office chair and live to regret it down the line, or buy an ergonomic chair that leaves all the aches and pains in the past.

Should I Buy an Ergonomic Chair?

This depends completely on what you’re looking for from a chair. If you’re spending a large portion of your day sitting down, then an ergonomic chair really is worth it. The long-term effects alone will prove their worth. That being said, when considering how to stay healthy when you spend so much time sitting, it’s always best to remember that taking a short walk during a lunch break will help the blood circulate, burn calories, and improve productivity whether you’re working from home or in the office.


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