IQ Option Affiliate Program

IQ Option is among the web-based trading platforms that feature a wider range of financial instruments and assets such as Stocks, Binary Options, Indices, Forex, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies. IQ Option is based in Cyprus and is under the regulation of Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec) in EU. The platform is also registered with many big regulators in Europe including Italy’s Consob, UK’s FCA, France’s Regafi and Germany’s BaFIN.

And if you are among the traders who have many individuals they would want to recommend IQ Option, you can use the IQ Option Affiliate program to make money. The IQ Option Affiliate program is a commission-based marketing structure that will pay you depending on the amount your referrals generate.

The affiliate program involves a special tiered structure that allows you to get more rewards if the number of signups arising from your campaign is high. In other words, if you want to earn more, the IQ affiliate option is a good addition to the main trading. After you start promoting CFDs on IQ Option, you will get a 50 percent revenue share as an affiliate. That means that you will earn 50 percent of what they earn for the lifetime. That makes it better than most other options that offer 10-20 percent.

How to use IQ Option

To start earning as an affiliate, you will have to create your affiliate account. After doing that, they will assign you an affiliate manager and provide you with everything that you need to start trading. After they have approved you, you will get the affiliate link and start off on the beginner level, which gives you 50 percent of the IQ Option profits. You will accrue earnings form the platform depending on your performance and the returns of all your promotions.

You can easily advance to the next level that allows instant withdrawals and offers slightly higher commissions. The IQ Option Affiliate Dashboard is advanced and it allows tracking of traffic from the referrals. It will also help you know the number of people who have subscribed because of your promotions and the amount they are trading. That will give you a real picture of what is happening.

The marketing materials

One of the things you will notice about most cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers is that they do not offer accompanying promotional materials. The case is different for IQ Option Affiliate program. You will not have to create your videos and banners to promote the brand. The Affiliate program offers many videos, banners, iframes and scripts that allow effective marketing of the products. You can access all the promotional materials on the IQ Option dashboard. You can also search for them depending on the asset, instrument and language.

The reputation of the affiliate program

Most of the exchanges and brokers will happily take your referrals and keep your fees when it comes to paying you the funds. Considering the reputation of the IQ Option and the regulated status, they ensure that the program is 100 percent above board. They require you to promote their products in an ethical way and they will, therefore, monitor your traffic and marketing materials to ensure that you are doing what their terms and conditions specified.

IQ Option is among the best affiliate programs when it comes to paying commissions. You will receive your payments twice in a month and you will be happier after you get to a level that allows instant withdrawal of money. They allow you to withdraw your payments in the same way traders withdraw – you can use Neteller, Wire transfer and Skrill.

Customer Complaints

It is hard to complete a review without checking the reputation of the company. Many people on forums complain about IQ Option and customer service. Most are seemingly the people who fail to comply with the procedures when withdrawing their earnings. IQ Option allows you to fund your account before you provide your documents. That means you are likely to get frustrated afterwards.

However, the procedure is common in other large Bitcoin exchanges, which do not allow withdraw of funds. That is before the user sends the right KYC docs. Some of the exchanges do not even have Fiat withdrawal functionality. On the forums, you will also find a large number of positive reviews.

Customer support

IQ Option allows the users to contact the customer support team directly through a toll-free regional telephone number. All clients are able to email the CAO and CEO of the company for help. The main office of IQ Option is situated in Limassol, Cyprus. Users can also use the provided email address to reach the team. And for immediate assistance, the company offers a live chat option, which is only available to users who are logged into their accounts. The team is made up of 83 specialists.


  • IQ Option facilitates depositing of fiat with various options such as EUR, GBP, Yuan, MYR, RUB, IDR and USD.
  • Offers a demo account for traders
  • IQ supports a wide range of trading instruments and cryptocurrencies
  • The company is already licensed with many regulators
  • The trading platform is secure
  • The customer support is dedicated and responsive


  • IQ Option is not available in Canada, USA, Australia, Russia, Japan, France, Turkey, Belgium, Syria, Iran, Israel and Sudan.
  • The depositing and withdrawal system fee is confusing
  • The trading platform can be overwhelming for beginners.

Is IQ Option a scam?

Several unsatisfied customers call IQ Option a scam in the complaint section. Reportedly, the company disabled some accounts and therefore the users could not be able to withdraw their balance. Most of the angry people have lost their money have possibly lost their money on the platform. However, you will also get many positive comments relating to the customer support and trading service.

Bottom line

IQ Option is a great option for traders who want to trade on various cryptocurrency pairs, derivative instruments, stocks, Forex assets and ETFs. If you are not ready to trade, you will benefit from the affiliate program. The customer support is above par, which means that they will settle your queries with a reasonable time. You will mostly need their help during the verification. The platform has been accepting more and more accounts while other trading platforms are turning them away.


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