Inspiration Alert – Most Creative Promotional Products of All Time

Marketing has evolved rapidly over the past few decades. If your business is still handing out pens and hats as your promotional items, you’re missing out on an opportunity to shine.

Need inspiration for future promotions? Here are some of the most creative promotional products of all time.

Laser Cut Headphone Wraps

Laser cutting has created a whole new world of promotional items worth exploring. One of the best Ponoko ideas of the past year has been laser cut headphone wraps. These simple devices are perfect for wrapping wired headphones to prevent tangles and breakage when they aren’t in use.


Branded Seedlings

The millennial generation is known for its passion for sustainability. As the millennials currently dominate the world for consumer purchasing power, businesses need to showcase their eco-friendliness both in operations and promotional activity. 

Branded seedlings are a fantastic way to stand out in a mass-produced promotional market. Have your logo grown on a Magic Plant seed or printed on a custom seed pack to send to your customers. For a higher-end customer thank you gift, choose a live office-friendly plant with a branded pot.


Logo Touch Tools

The global pandemic has forced businesses around the world to rethink how they connect with customers. On the bright side, it’s also created more opportunities for promotional gifts.

Touch tools are a hook-like device that attaches to a keychain or necklace. The user puts their finger through the loop and uses the hook to open doors or press buttons. These can be crafted with antimicrobial material and printed with a company logo as a functional promo giveaway.


Branded Portable Charger

It’s hard to believe that smartphones have only been around for a little over a decade. This shift toward total mobility has created a unique challenge for consumers: running out of battery power.

Branded portable chargers have been around almost as long as smart devices. However, this promotional item has proven to be timeless, making it one of the most creative and useful promotional items of all time.


Bluetooth Speaker

The best branded items are the ones recipients will use both in a professional and leisure setting. Bluetooth speakers have become more affordable in recent years, making them a viable promotional gift for customers. 

With a branded Bluetooth speaker, you’ll be with your customers whether they’re listening to music to get through the workweek or relaxing with their friends on the weekends.


Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless charging pads are the new mousepad. Still, few companies are taking advantage of this useful promotional opportunity. By giving your customers a wireless charger, you can showcase your branding throughout the day in an innovative way.


Insulated Shopping or Lunch Bag

With many consumers and businesses moving away from single-use plastic, companies are taking advantage of reusable totes as an affordable promotion item. Take this to the next level by offering insulated, reusable shopping bags or lunch bags to keep food cool while on the move. 


Functionality Matters

The key takeaway to making creative promotional items is to keep functionality in mind. It would be best if you offered something the recipient will be glad to receive and notice every day. 


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