In the Company of Like-Minded Individuals: Coworking is Gaining Traction in India and Here are 5 Reasons Why

Coworking spaces- shared workspaces where freelancers, remote workers, and small business professionals work in a shared setting- are taking off across India.

58% of workers across India work remotely every week. These workers need a comfortable setting to work which promotes productivity, and coworking spaces are the answer.

A quick search of “Coworking Spaces Bengaluru” produces a host of shared working spaces for a freelancer or remote worker to choose from. But why use coworking spaces? And how can they help you or your business?

People can be the best version of themselves

 In a recent Harvard University study, researchers found that employees and freelancers working in a shared working space felt less pressure to behave a certain way.

In coworking spaces, workers are surrounded by people who work for different companies, on different projects, and in different industries. As a result, there is no competition. Offering and providing help to one another became the norm and a sense of community, collaboration, and learning developed.

Increased flexibility

 Many businesses are turning to coworking spaces to meet their working needs due to the increased flexibility they offer.

For a smaller business, the leases that come with traditional office spaces are often too restrictive. They require a company to stay in the space for at least a year, pay for the utilities, and install costs.

A coworking space offers much shorter rental options, without bills and install costs, providing small businesses and startups with the flexibility they need.

For the individual, the flexibility comes in the form of flexible working hours. Some coworking spaces are open 24/7, meaning they can put in the long hours ahead of a work deadline.

Comfortable and modern working facilities

 Coworking spaces offer members and visitors a desk (or in some cases a private office), high-speed internet, access to a printer, free tea and coffee, and the use of a conference room for meetings.

The facilities are more suited to working than most people’s homes. There are also far fewer responsibilities. The building management provides cleaning and maintenance.


 A coworking environment is a melting pot of professionals from a range of different industries and companies. It is essentially a ready-made networking hub.

You work alongside people who could have the skill set to help your product reach millions, the ability to balance your books or design a flashy new website for your business. All you have to do is ask the right people the right questions.

They promote a work-life balance

 Many coworking spaces offer weekly social events, wellness and health activities, and provide ample space and facilities for a timeout and quiet introspection.

Coworking spaces are becoming the norm for the Indian workforce because of their comfort, flexibility, sense of community, and endless networking opportunities. It may not be suitable for everyone, but for the creative industries, small startups, fledging businesses, and remote workers, coworking spaces can offer a haven of tranquillity and productivity.

Instead of the cut-throat, competitive atmosphere of a traditional office, coworking spaces become community hubs, where ideas are shared and borne out of collaboration and passion.



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