How to Use Coupon Marketing to Increase Your ROI

Coupon codes can be a powerful marketing tool to attract and engage your customers. Here is how to use coupon advertising to boost your conversion rates.

Everyone loves to use it (well, 96% of Americans do). There’s even a TV show solely dedicated to displaying how some people in the U.S. make the most out of it! Even the prestigious Time Magazine considers it cool.

So, what’s this ‘it’ that you should know of and use to boost your brand’s bottom line?

If you’ve guessed coupons, then congratulations. You pass with flying colors!

Coupons have become more than just those things that moms cut out from newspapers or magazines. They’ve become an essential part of the modern consumer’s life.

So, it’s time you use coupon advertising to the advantage of your business.

And the sooner you use these tips we’ve compiled, the better chances you have of increasing your ROI.

1. Go Online, Especially Social

Smart and savvy business owners know the importance of keeping up with social media trends. They know how much time people spend on these online platforms.

And this knowledge has long since made them recognize the viability of social media for coupon advertising.

Just consider Facebook, with its more than a billion users. Imagine how many of those belong in your target market. And how many you can easily attract when you create a coupon designed to help meet their needs – for less.

2. Go Mobile

Seven in 10 people. That’s how many brand-loyal consumers say they’ll easily switch to another brand when they receive discounts straight to their mobile devices.

Furthermore, as many as 80% of them also said coupons influence their buying behavior in terms of paying for items they don’t usually purchase.

With more than third of the U.S. population now owning smartphones, your own office needs to utilize them to take advantage of this ever-growing population. These mobile devices are some of the most important tools every modern organization should invest in.

Simply put, going mobile on your coupon advertising makes complete sense. You can spread the news to more people, and more people knowing about the great deals you’re offering means higher potential sales.

3. Know the Enticement-Increasing Formula

All coupons are great, but they have varying levels of efficiency in terms of attracting people. It’s all about how you layout the info on just how big a buyer can save when they take advantage of the deal.

So, when designing your coupon ads, follow the rule of 100.

For instance, rather than saying they can “Save 20%!”, doesn’t “Save $100 on a $500 purchase” sound more enticing?

4. Give It to Them Straight

Consumers love convenience. Especially when they’re all excited to shop and spend money.

So, make your coupon advertising as accessible to them as possible. A great way is to give them direct downloads to their mobile phones. Or if you have their emails, send the coupons there.

5. Go the Extra Mile – Make Coupon Advertising Visually-Appealing

Everything is better with high-resolution, artfully-crafted images. And the same goes true for discount coupons. These are way more visually appealing than just plain old text.

Besides, it also gives consumers a sneak peak into what they’ll get when they go for the offer. On your part, this can mean even more ways to showcase what your brand has to offer.

Ready to Instill a Greater Sense of Brand Loyalty in Your Clients?

Aside from coupon advertising, there are many other ways you can improve your marketing strategies. Make sure you check our extensive marketing blog out for more ideas! It’s full of tips and tricks that’ll help you boost results with the right marketing tactics.

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