How To Rank Well For Low Competition Keywords & Keyphrases  

Yep, this is one of “those” posts. How to rank well for low competition keywords and keyphrases. And Essaylab team tell you straight up, it’s a VERY simple answer you’re likely already aware of. For those of you who don’t want to read past the first paragraph, We’ll cater to your short attention spans. The key is the keyword or keyphrase being in the domain name.

There you go. No need to read further unless you want to hear about my latest accidental experiment.

Of course I fully realize this is nothing new. Every guru and Internet “expert” with even half a brain has beat the keyword or keyphrase being part of the domain trick into the ground. It’s common sense. However, today I discovered yet again just how powerful the proper domain can be. Especially with lower competition keyphrases.

Without going into the specifics of what site/domain I bungled to see these results, here is what happened.

Like many site owners, we have dedicated servers (a full rack of them actually) that do different things for us. Web, email, databases, etc. On our web servers, we run both Windows and Linux depending on the best fit for the technology used on any given web site. is just one of a number of sites running on the particular server it lives on. It happens to be the default site on the server though.

A few days ago, we moved a site over to the server lives on. One of my admins accidentally left out a couple of letters in the domain we were moving when he set things up on the server. When DNS was updated to complete the site move, instead of the correct site showing, it showed

Not a huge deal. A dumb mistake, but easily fixable.

The results were pretty interesting though. For a handful of terms with the number of results ranging from around 27,000 to as many as 244,000, all of a sudden achieved page 1 rankings in Google, within a 24 hour period. This happened with nothing more than accidentally pointing the domain to the content.

What’s even more interesting is the domain we were moving maintained it’s rankings as well. We were, in effect, double dipping on results.

Why this happened could be the result of existing rankings for the domain we were moving, the keywords and keyphrases being in the domain, as well as other factors. How long we would maintain the page 1 rankings is tough to say. My hunch is we would have fallen down on the rankings in the not so distant future due to the lack of relevant content.

Regardless, it’s a great reminder of how important a keyword/keyphrase rich domain is. Don’t underestimate the power a relevant, targeted domain can bring.

Oh…and make sure you spell your domains correctly when setting them up on your server!

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