Cost play a very vital role when a home or business owner is in the market for a very good security surveillance system. To ensure maximum protection for assets and valuables in homes and offices prospective buyers often place a lot of premium on cost. But unknown to many, there exists a host of cheap security camera that are just as good as the very pricey ones.

Home owners see security surveillance as means to protect their homes through the use of video door phone – an upgraded version of video intercom in which home owners can see and talk to their visitors. Optional video input connection with extra surveillance can be imputed to monitor blind spots in the residential premises.

For business owners security surveillance systems are used to keep lives and properties safe , monitor staff attendance, access and other workplace activities.

if you’re looking to keep a vacant property safe, why not look into vacant property management as well to make sure your property is as safe as possible.

The use of security surveillance systems like wireless security cameras is not limited to residential and business premises alone, governments and law enforcements also employ these surveillance systems for crime prevention and deterrence for public safety.

Wireless security cameras are seen as the basic of security surveillance systems. These are closed circuit television (CCTV) that transmits a video and audio signal to a wireless receiver through a radio band. Some receivers are built-in while some are connected through a digital video recorder (DVR).

Getting a good security surveillance on the cheap may require you to go DIY,(do – it- yourself) but the problem with DIY is that while it is easy to set up it may lack professional touch which may be costly in the long run. It will also require a lot of attention which a professional will be willing to give.

Out of the array of cheap security cameras that exists both online and in stores, choosing the right one that fit into your specification and your budget doesn’t require you to be much of a tech-savvy. A number of features one can look out for in a very good but cheap security camera is not limited to any of the ones featured below but can serve as a template:

A hub with internet access: connects all individual parts of the security setup making them all work together. With internet access you can access our security system from anywhere in the world.

A smart phone app for remote monitoring: to let you keep an eye on your home.

A WiFi enabled security camera: its functions are similar to the two mentioned above, the only difference is that the WiFi is factory fitted.

Doors sensors: detect movements when doors are opened.

Windows sensors: detect movements when windows are opened.

Movement sensors: detect when something moves within your property.

A high decibel alarm: to scare of burglars and attract neighbors.

Compatibility with other smart home gears: synchronize your security camera with other smart gadgets in your home like your TV, mobile phones and other smart home appliances.

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