How to Build a ‘Literally’ Healthy Work Culture?

Running a business with unhealthy and unhappy employees is like trying to drive a car with a bad engine. It may eventually get you where you want to go, but the trip will be difficult, and you will waste time and resources. – Sheana Abrahams

Most of the professionals spend eight or more hours a day in their workplaces. When it comes to health, we follow several health practices throughout the day which may include workout, healthy diet, yoga or meditation. However, we often forget about our work environments where we spend more than one-third of a day. A well-managed work space can do wonders for a business.A workplace should not be so demanding that it start affecting employees’ health adversely. By introducing appropriate health practices, you can make these spaces more conducive to create healthy body and minds. Your employees are assets to you, so for their future health and wellness, foster a healthy workplace with some excellent ways.

Introduce standing desks

The side-effects of sitting for 8 hours or more a day are better known these days. This is why more employers are encouraging their employees to get up from desk frequently and allow the blood flow in the body. No wonder why, companies are introducing standing desk which is a versatile piece of furniture that comes with long-term health benefits. Standing desks are furniture of an agile workplace which turns a sedentary office environment into a mobile one.

Health insurance

Due to rise in lifestyle diseases and escalating medical inflation, health insurance is an indispensable necessity for every individual. Take care of the health of your employees by providing the best health insurance plans. Consider family floater health insurance plans and group health insurance policies for your workforce. In addition to choosing the right health insurance plans, counsel your employees about how to use health cards or health wallets when will need it.

Healthier vending machines

A healthy outside starts from the inside. – Robert Urich

Food is one of the biggest factors that decide a person’s health. What you eat shapes your health in the longer run. Make sure that your employees get nutritious food offerings at the workplace. It can be done by stocking fresh fruits in the breakroom, offering fresh fruits and vegetable juice, investing in a vending machine with healthier snacks, hosting a potluck.

Wholesome food is the easiest way to combat obesity and lifestyle diseases.

Break for stretching exercise

Muscle discomfort and fatigues caused due to prolonged sitting can be addressed by introducing stretching exercise in your workplace. Fix a break of 5-10 minutes, twice or thrice a day where employees can practice stretching routine or treat themselves with some physical activity. Performing even basic stretching exercise can help your employees lose tight muscles and strengthen the body.

Central break rooms

One of the smart ways to make your employees get up and move is to have a centrally located area for printers, office supplies, and copiers. It will enable employees to interact with the fellow employees, refresh their minds and keep them active throughout the day. Movement during a workday leads to improved mobility which is necessary for good health.

The practical benefits of advocating health at a workplace cannot be ignored. It is why more and more companies are taking steps to make their workplaces healthier. Promoting wellness and preventive health measures for your employees can be done by just introducing some healthy practices.

While it may seem small, the ripple effect of small things is extraordinary. – Matt Bevin


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