How To Become A More Efficient Iphone User

There are more than 100 million iPhone users in the United States and most of them want to know the same thing. They want to know how they can make their iPhones more efficient.

 The iPhone is an incredible device that can run some of the most powerful apps, take brilliant photos and videos and can be charged very quickly. However, you need to know what you’re doing in order to be able to enjoy this. By making some changes, you can get more iPhone space, make the battery life last longer and turn your iPhone into a very helpful tech accessory.

 Get More Space On Your iPhone

 iPhone owners hate seeing the pop up which tells them that they have nearly run out of storage space. Once your phone’s storage starts getting full, you start taking fewer photos, you neglect app updates because you don’t have the room and you stop downloading the music, movies, and TV shows that you love.

 Getting more iPhone storage space, so that you can use your phone without any limits, can be pretty simple. This article on how to make more room on your iPhone says that you can easily make more room by emptying out the cache of social media apps such as Snapchat. Streaming music, switching to cloud data services, and deleting data from the messages app can also be quick ways to freeing up gigabytes of space from your device.

 Update Your iOS

 When Apple updates iOS, the company adds new tools to play with, such as swiping to switch apps. As well as these cool, new additions, iOS updates can also boost the performance of your iPhone. With iOS upgrades, Apple finds more ways to make your iPhone’s battery more efficient and to make your iPhone more powerful, without doing anything to the hardware.

 You can also make your apps more efficient by updating them after you’ve upgraded your iOS. The app developer behind your favorite iPhone app may have found new ways to make their app smaller in the new iOS, or for the app to use less battery.

 Do Your Apps Refresh in the Background?

 Most iPhone owners know what the biggest hits on their battery are. Playing intensive games, checking your phone often, and using mobile data because you’ve forgotten to turn your Wi-Fi back on will all run your battery down quicker. One forgotten way that your iPhone battery runs down, though, is because of apps refreshing in the background.

 Some apps will still refresh in the background, whether you have them open or not. Some apps do this so that the information you see when you do open them is new, or so that they can send you notifications about new messages. This uses the battery and so to stop the apps from doing this you can just change something in your iPhone’s settings. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and click the toggle to off.

 Customize Your Autocorrect

 iPhone autocorrect is supposed to be a great tool that helps you to stop sending emails and messages filled with typos. It can sometimes be incredibly unhelpful, though, correcting words you don’t need correcting or by not understanding that a word you’ve typed has been spelled correctly.

 One way to make autocorrect much better is to customize it. You can easily teach iOS autocorrect new words so that it knows that when you typed out some Internet slang, you really did mean to type it. In the autocorrect settings, you can also create a shorthand so that when you type a phrase or a few letters, your iPhone will expand it to a longer phrase or sentence to save you the time of typing it all out.

 Use Siri

 Siri, the iPhone virtual assistant, can be pretty funny. She can tell you jokes, she can give you funny answers to questions like “Siri, are you married?” and she can tell you stories. Siri can do much more than make you smile, though, and there are many brilliant Siri voice commands that you may not have known about.

 One of these is with emails. You can tell Siri to email someone, also telling her the subject line and the body of the message before she sends it. Siri can also make lists, set meetings, do calculations, take photos for you, and control your HomeKit devices.

 The iPhone is a great device but you may not have known just how great it is before now. The Apple device can do so much more than just taking phone calls and sending messages.

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