How the World’s Best Companies Focus on Their Customers

Ever wondered what makes certain companies better than others even though they might have exact same product or service to offer? It is there resolution to focus on their customers and generate customer satisfaction.

Let us first look at what is customer focus and why you need it?s

Customer focus is the practice of giving priority to your customers. If your customers feel valued they ot only become brand loyal but also happily act as brand advocates. Global trust in Advertising found that ‘recommendations from people I know’ to be the determining factor in for 82% of people to engage with certain brands.

Other than customer satisfaction, the factors that contribute into making best companies are market presence and of course profit making.

Here is a list of seven companies who are known to put focus on customers. Let us take a closer look to understand what makes them the best companies.

  1. Amazon – American Customer Satisfaction Index scored them 84.8 on customer satisfaction. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, elaborating on the need of customer satisfaction had famously said, “We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” A twitter help account along with the regular email and phone help options go down a long way with customers. Amazon is perhaps the most consistent customer-centric company of recent times. Their performance has truly been remarkable.
  2. Sony – The have a different approach to guarantee the making of happy customers. Sony has a huge worldwide presence. Their service stations are globally available at more than 5000 locations. Sony comes with a Pledge Of Quality and they take it quite seriously. the prompt customer service ensures a great experience for the customers. Sony is also known to have a fast rate of repair, one of many key performance indicator that Sony abides by. Customer support staff is very well trained and overall the customers get an organized structure to get redressal for their grievances, if any.
  3. Apple – Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple believed a product should be made keeping in mind the customers and not what the company can offer in terms of technology. With that central theme Apple has created brand loyal like no other companies. Their virus-free promise among other aspects sets them apart and makes them an absolute favorite of the customers. They have variety of customer support which is specialized for each aspects such as iTunes, AppStore and others. They actively tweet and publish useful information from time to time.
  4. Zappos – Their Customer service is quite magical. They build personal connection between the brand and the customers. They are not afraid to blend themselves in the lives of customers in order to get their wish fulfilled. They famously are known to ‘wow’ customers with their delightful actions. The element of surprise that Zappos brings in to customers makes them feel valued and the customers well appreciate the Zappos way of going above and beyond. A vey dedicated customer service team and a strong commitment to customers places them much ahead in the race to get customers happy.
  5. Netflix – When you come across the Netflix recommendation, you may feel overwhelmed that they just read your mind! Netflix curate great amount of data to come up with highly customized recommendations that attracts the customers. The apt recommendations not only successfully holds on to the attention of the customers but also successfully generate leads and help with the business. They also have a highly effective and free support system which is generally known to be empathetic and prompt in response. The customer service agents doesn’t read from scripts and are set to resolve the problem rather than burden the customer with unnecessary information.
  6. Trader Joe’s – With an ACSI score 85.4, they emerge as the most preferred supermarket. From the variety of selection, they maintain to their organic offerings, Trader Joe’s has it all. Each store is known to have extremely dedicated, hard-working employees. They are not just friendly but also are known to have fast checkout process. Their recommendations are also very helpful. They pay utmost care to deliver great overall customer experience in each of their shops. The customers are so happy with their products that they take it as a benchmark for others, clearly showing the places Traders Joe’s has claimed in the hearts of its customers.
  7. Nordstrom – Nordstrom provides not just indirect service through emails, twitter, phone calls and other conventional mediums but they also provide superior in-person service. They in true sense communicate with customers. In fact, their customer support is actually there USP. They offer one-to-one service a highly appreciated and winning factor among their customers. There staff is well trained and have authority to surprise and delight customers to gain their support. The little things like walking to show you what you need across store gains instant trust of customers. They excel at creating a personalized, enjoyable shopping experience for the customers.

So to sum up, it can be said that the attention you pay to your customer will determine the success of your business.


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