How Lone Workers Can Negatively Affect Your Brand

Lone workers can be found in countless industries around the world. Because these employees aren’t directly supervised, they can be detrimental to your brand. It’s important to use a lone worker monitoring service, so you can protect your employees and your brand.

Failure to Show Up

You put your brand’s reputation on the line each time you send an employee out to a jobsite. Of course, if you’re not there to monitor your employee, you won’t know if he or she shows up late or even visits the jobsite at all. This is very damaging to your brand and could cost you business. A lone worker monitoring service will allow you to follow your employees from one jobsite to the next, so you won’t have to worry about this issue.

Lack of Productivity

When lone workers show up at the jobsite, they can still damage your brand by not producing at the expected rate. They might take too many breaks, spend the day talking on the phone to their friends and family, or even take a nap on the jobsite. Then, it takes them much longer to complete the job.

This is easy for employees to do when they don’t have anyone monitoring them. Of course, you can fix this problem by using a lone worker monitoring service. Then, your employees will know you can check in at any time. Because of that, they will represent your brand in a positive way.

Injuries, Lawsuits, and Bad Press

Lawsuits are another cause for concern when dealing with lone workers. Unfortunately, people do get hurt on the job. Under normal circumstances, that won’t damage your brand, but if you fail to protect those workers, you could suffer the consequences.

If the proper safety measures aren’t in place, the lone worker might sue your brand. He or she simply needs to show that you did not have a lone worker monitoring service in place during the time of the incident. This will lead to negative press. The media might claim that you care about the bottom line more than people. Then, your customers will take that to mean that you don’t care about them, and you could lose business.

That won’t be the only financial impact, either. Your insurance premiums will rise if an employee is injured, and they could go up even more if you lose a lawsuit. The best way to protect against this is to use a lone worker monitoring service. This service will reduce injuries and allow you to respond quickly in case anything happens.

Protect Your Brand with a Lone Worker Monitoring Service

If a lone worker negatively affects your brand, it could be difficult for you to build it back up. In fact, you could end up having to shut your doors due to the actions of one or two lone employees. Avoid that problem by setting up a lone worker monitoring service. This will provide you with the protection you need, and it will also keep your employees safe.

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