Growing Your Business with LinkedIn: How to Use the Site Intelligently

LinkedIn was created with the objective of helping businesses, employees and executives connect with each other and grow together. Those objectives have not changed much, but the site has only become more advanced with time. Today LinkedIn can help your business grow in more ways than a lot of business owners realise, and we are going to discuss some of them next.

Tell your Employees to be Active On LinkedIn

If you have ten employees and they are all active on LinkedIn, sharing company achievements, prerogatives, goals, marketing materials etc. you are already using LinkedIn to grow your business and gain traction online.

Tell all your employees to be active on the site and market on it by simply sharing everything that you deem would be beneficial for branding and marketing. This increases visibility, especially to other businesses related to the company’s line of work, something that can be particularly beneficial for B2B ventures.

Use LinkedIn to Connect with Important People Online

In real life, it’s extremely difficult to get a meeting with anyone who is important really, at least not until you have reached a certain level of importance yourself. The virtual world of LinkedIn, however, can help you cross that barrier and contact the right people directly.

There is no guarantee that you will succeed, but if you have something that they might be interested in, LinkedIn presents a professional platform to show them exactly that. Just make sure that you create a proper profile with all the right bells and whistles on LinkedIn, given the fact that to your contacts on the networking website, that’s pretty much all they see about the company.

Find Mutually Beneficial Business Opportunities

We just discussed the big head honchos who can help you grow your business beyond its immediate scope, but that does leave a lot of room for speculation and chance. On the other hand, LinkedIn also offers businesses a more immediate and relevant opportunity to make mutually beneficial acquaintances. For example, this Tom Smyth account on LinkedIn belongs to the Managing Director of Dream Apartments. LinkedIn presents a perfect opportunity for corporations to reach out to the MD directly and talk about corporate housing deals with him.

Generate Leads with LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a bunch of useful tools for generating high quality leads through demographic filtering and prospect targeting; tools that they have perfected over the years. Check out the page here to know more about how you can use LinkedIn to its maximum potential for high quality lead generation.

Finally, you can use your company’s presence on LinkedIn to become a resource for help, in relation to the business’s field of expertise. Other companies will find your business faster if the company’s presence on LinkedIn becomes a source of information and help they might find useful. It’ a good tactic to both market the business, as well as to build a good reputation online among peers and customers via LinkedIn.

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