Growing Your Business: Should You Be Using Google or Facebook Paid Ads and What Are the Main Advantages of Each?

Your marketing strategy should always include Google or Facebook ads. It is a proven way for any business to reach a large audience without investing a ton of money upfront. Learn the basics of each campaign to get your money’s worth. For more information about maximizing ads, this web design company provides valuable resources.

Ads Are A Vital Part Of A Growing Business

The big league of marketing includes digital ads and their consistent performance. Yearly, companies are spending more on digital marketing than they are on conventional marketing means. Since location is the most important part of getting a brand name noticed, it makes sense that online ads would be the most effective. Using Google or Facebook ads saves valuable resources when growing a smaller company. For larger companies, online ads are a way to expand their reach beyond the core audience. There are many ways to use online ads methods to benefit a company, but Google and Facebook are considered the cream of the crop. In order to make an impression, you have to include one of the two giants in online advertising. Their tools are different but have their own pros and cons. Take the time to read about why one method may be more effective for your company than the other one.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is all about communicating with individuals on a personal level. Networking is how Facebook became huge, and they infused that into their own ad campaigns. Brands can use that same methodology when using Facebook ads to push their own image. Facebook is still the biggest social media platform in the world by a large margin. News, trends and even important discussions start and end on its platform. Facebook has the biggest ‘customer base’ for online advertising and has the most diverse users on the planet. Advertisers don’t have to look for customers since manual and automatic tags filter out the most interested parties.

Who’s It For?

Businesses that want to reach the widest audience possible. The key here is not just a wide net, but an ‘active’ one. Facebook users are on the platform for hours a day, constantly checking and getting linked back to the website from other websites. The activity level is so high that your return on investment can be reached within the first week. If you have an idea of what your demographics are, Facebook ads is a major tool to get the most out of that information. Target your ads to the people that are the most interested in buying your services or product.

Best Features

Facebook ads don’t require a high upfront cost to get started. Smaller businesses can get maximum exposure without investing too much into their first ad campaign. This works well when you want to test the waters with Facebook features but don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. A Facebook ad campaign is at its best when combined with a much larger collaboration. Customers that see Facebook ads are also more likely to be repeat customers since they browse the platform daily. Repeat business is more likely and can create buzz by word of mouth.


  • Easier to use those Google ads
  • A wide audience that is easy to use targeted ads on
  • 49 billion active users per month
  • Low startup costs for different types of campaigns
  • Highly flexible if you have a niche business
  • Innovative tools added regularly to enhance ad experience


  • Requires a lot more commitment to stay relevant to the userbase

Google Ads

The most used search engine in the world powers one of the most well-received paid ad platform. Google ads is the best choice for businesses that want a worldwide reach. The ads are targeted to specific groups, with a rich set of evolving tools to use. Google is often the place people go when they are looking to buy something specific. This information is much different than the target audience of Facebook. There is no speculation about what the consumer may want since they are actively looking for it using Google. By using Google ads, businesses cater to ads to the most compatible customers.

Who’s It For?

Google ads will work best for established businesses. Companies that want an international presence will feel more comfortable on this platform, especially with the expansive options for marketing. A brand can put all of their efforts into attracting the customer they want or the customer they want to have. There really is no limit to what your ad campaign can do with Google ads. Once you get used to all of the tools, it is the most robust marketing platform available. The amount needed for a successful run-through is higher than average. Companies not willing to invest in Google ads will most likely not see returns without incredibly intelligent analytics.

Best Features

This platform excels at informing the company about specific habits and behaviors of the target audience. This is slightly different than the way Facebook handles the same data, as Google can narrow down interested buyers much faster. It is the difference between locking onto a single target vs. shooting around the bullseye. As a bonus, Google ads also allow you to cast a net so that it functions similarly to Facebook ad marketing. Keep in mind that although the algorithm is similar, it reaches a completely different audience.


  • Incredibly deep marketing platform with tons of extras
  • Excels at worldwide advertising
  • Better handling of multiple campaigns than other systems


  • More complicated and expensive than Facebook ads

Wrap Up

There are plenty of online ad campaign variations that can boost your small or large business. Ignoring the upside of marketing with ads is not a good idea. Enhance your strategies by building a solid ad campaign. Promoting business through online advertising is one of the many ways to reach a larger audience.


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