Get Started with a Temp Agency

Business owners often work regularly with a temp agency to keep their offices well-staffed. Most staffing agencies provide both temporary and permanent workers. You can find a reputable staffing agency by checking online reviews or asking for recommendations. Meet with a representative to explain your business needs. You may need a short or long term temporary worker to  fill in a gap. With good communication, you can get qualified employees from a staffing agency. 

Check the Reputation

Before you choose a temporary staffing agency, learn about the company. If they have a business website, read through it to find out about the services they offer. You can also check customer reviews to find out how other businesses feel about the service. You may also get recommendations from other business owners using temp agencies. 

Clarify your Expectations

Whether you need a temporary employee or a new-hire, you must clarify your expectations. Talk with a representative at the staffing agency about your expectations. You may need an employee with specific qualifications, even for temporary work. If you have a new position open for a permanent employee, the staffing agency can scout for qualified candidates. You can specify the required education, experience, and skills you expect. Communication with your staffing  is the key factor to finding the right employee. 

Know your Options

Most staffing agencies offer several different services. You can use the same agency for different types of job placements. Temporary workers fill in gaps when you have absent team members. You may need this when employees call in sick or take vacations. Sometimes temps are hired for one day, and others stay in a position for several months. 

You can also request a temp-for-hire. These employees start out as temporary workers with the possibility of becoming permanent employees. Employers often  choose this option when they want to make sure the candidate is a good fit for the position before hiring them. You may also need to find out if you actually need permanent help before hiring someone. Sometimes work loads fluctuate. A temp-to-to hire gives you time to make a more informed decision. 

Finally, you may have a permanent position available at your office. A staffing agency can save you a lot of time. Business owners can focus on important work projects, while the staffing agency recruits a new team member. Staffing agencies often have access to more candidates through job boards and job fairs. 

Discuss the Costs

Most staffing agencies get paid when you pay an hourly rate to your temp worker. Talk to the staffing agency to find out how much of the payment goes to the worker and how much goes to the agency. You can expect to add about 40- 50 percent to the hourly rate of each employee to cover agency fees. Discuss these costs with a representative before you hire, so you know what to expect. For permanent employees, find out about overall recruiting fees. 

You can get started with a temp agency before you ever need a temporary worker. It may take some time to get signed up for services. Staffing agency representatives can assist you by discussing various services and costs. Communicate your needs clearly to help the staffing agency find the right candidates for you. Staffing agencies help you maintain productivity during employee absences. They also help with efficient employee searches for open positions. Talk to a representative today to get started with a reputable staffing agency. 


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