File Sharing Made Simple: How to Present Your PDF Files Using GoGoPDF

Digital users use the internet to exchange PDF files. Previously, email was the most efficient method of distributing online information such as text, images, and spreadsheets. PDFs are also among the most popular items downloaded online. PDF sharing has grown in popularity to the point where programs explicitly designed for this purpose have been developed.

It’s easy to share PDFs over the internet. However, sharing them safely and conveniently is more complicated. This guide will show you how to use the best method for securely and easily sharing PDFs and other files online. Some tools also enable users to create multi-layered permissions, allowing people to perform actions while maintaining protection.

The Best Online Tool for Sharing PDF Files: GoGoPDF

GoGoPDF is an excellent option for file sharing processes. With the help of this professional web-based tool, you can easily upload PDFs online to share via Google Drive and Dropbox functions. This PDF online tool will also assist you in annotating and meeting all of your editing requirements, such as adding a watermark and highlighting PDFs for added security.

Apart from that, there are several other reasons why you should use GoGoPDF:

  • Create and fill out PDF forms with ease and create PDFs from a variety of file formats.
  • Enables you to share PDF files with a single click to Email, Dropbox, and Google Drive.
  • Using the website’s powerful features, you can edit specific PDF images, texts, pages, and other elements.
  • Compress a PDF file to make it smaller so you can send it over the internet.
  • Convert PDF to Excel, PowerPoint, Word, images, and other file types.

How to Use GoGoPDF to Share PDFs Online in Four Easy Steps

Users of GoGoPDF’s file-sharing tool can submit files instantly, safely, and quickly! With only several simple clicks, you can transfer and forward files up to five gigabytes, and the system will send a download link directly to your contacts. If you worry about putting your data online, don’t be as GoGoPDF transfers files using solid, SSL encryption.

Furthermore, all information you enter into the system is private and safe. All the time you spent adding large files to your account, only to be disappointed? You will never have to deal with or encounter that issue again, thanks to GoGoPDF’s file-sharing tool. Follow the steps in the tutorials below to start presenting and exchanging PDF documents:

  1. After opening the GoGoPDF Share Document function, select a file that you require to share online. You can also drag and drop the documents from your file manager to the site’s toolbox, then wait for it to transfer.
  2.  Click the Share File button after completing the first move.
  3. Email the download link to your recipient along with a personalized note and message. For faster transactions, please copy the link and paste it into an email or text message.
  4. When you are content with everything, the document is now ready for download. You can easily save the information in your portable document format file to different social media accounts or, better yet, share it via email.

Files Sent Through GoGoPDF Are Secure

Everyone needs to keep their file details secure. Who wants to have their files tampered with, stolen, or compromised without their knowledge? If you use GogoPDF, you can rest assured that none of these things will ever happen to your files. As previously stated, the site uses SSL encryption technology, which encrypts your files as they travel across the internet.

According to the platform’s privacy policy, no one can retain any information about any person using the platform’s services, including passcodes, security codes, credit card information, and files. When the system detects that sixty minutes have passed since you uploaded your files, it will delete them permanently.

Secure and Safe Cloud Storage

Because GoGoPDF is an online tool, all adjustments are created on their servers. Any changes will be made digitally and will automatically save to the cloud. It’s one reason why so many users prefer GoGoPDF, as they can get high-quality results speedily. You no longer need software or applications to download or install on your computer or device.


Another intriguing aspect of GoGoPDF is that it provides various PDF functions and functionality that you don’t always see from its rivals. GoGoPDF is the ideal PDF partner if you have a lot of things to do with PDFs. It also has excellent client information security and privacy programs in place, which provide outstanding protection.

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